Nokia N97 Mini Gold Edition-The Popular Touch Screen Smartphone With 18-Karat Gold Plated

The Nokia N97 mini is not too long on the market, even the luxury version of the popular Mini Smartphone is on the way. The special feature of the newbie is the real Carat 18-gold, which shine the small N97 offshoot in new splendour can be. The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia announced that N97 mini Gold Edition to the second quarter of 2010 and it should cost about 600 euros without a contract in Europe.

Performance must not suffer the ornament

As well, unsurprisingly, the real gold has no impact on the facilities of the special N97. Even under the “normal” case of N97 mini works the Smartphone with Symbian S60 5th Edition. The touch screen of 3.2 inches is also the brother of luxury and promises a good performance with up to 16.7 million colors with a resolution of 640 × 360

pixels. The camera 14-fachem digital zoom and dual LED Flash takes effect replaced at same position. The 5 megapixel are of course also with part of the game, as well as the Carl Zeiss Optics. GPS and Geotagging are the luxury version also included. About the free version of Ovi maps navigation to the next fashion metropolis is easily found. Milan or Madrid, mainly Italy. Indispensable for a Smartphone, the Office package is such a class. The N97 mini as well as the the Gold Edition includes all the features of email through POP3, open Word and Excel documents, and the usual suspects to Organizer, alarm clock, calculator, and calendar. Also on mobile surfing may not be omitted. This is accordingly N97 mini gold equipped with UMTS support, Wi-Fi and HSDPA. This ensures anytime, anywhere mobile surfing. The 8 GB internal memory can be reflected also in the Gold Edition and can be upgraded to up to 32 GB via micro SD card. Fast and accurate typing is easy with the QWERTY keyboard.The mini gold Smartphone can be found here at also appeal.

Fashion apps Elle Magazine and 360Fashion news

The new apps in the N97 mini gold are the centerpiece of the gold plated twin of mini Smartphone. With the new apps, you have exclusive access to new products, fashion shows, news and travel tips by Gucci.Of course even more applications and services can be downloaded from the Ovi store by Nokia. So, can score the little brother of the N97 with customization and you get personal. Small applications and mini programs enhance the handling with the Nokia N97 mini gold. Here on Our site is also reported in the Gold version.


Who places value on a striking design is with the Nokia N97 mini Gold Edition best served. With the small Golden Smartphone, some views of the next fashion week or the next meeting are sure one. Also with regard to the facilities is almost perfectly equipped with the N97 mini. The only thing missing the mini Smartphone lets is HSUPA. The new smartphone language and all other equipment attributes are almost up to date. This can be seen Our site. Of course, you can refer the Nokia N97 mini gold also at Our site- buy cell phones online. Since it is currently not yet available there is the possibility of free and non-binding information about the release here. Funny idea: Nokia will complement the included matching headset and leather pouch to your Smartphone with Golden Bluetooth.