Nokia 5130 Xpress Music, Samsung Sgh-u800 Soul And Sony Ericsson w350i – Music Phones Need To Be Not Expensive!

A good MP3 player has a price these days. These three Music phones offer the services of the MP3 player at a small price and convince with sound and sound. Of course, all three models from Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson bring some special functions and features. The Nokia 5130 Xpress music with equalizer and top sound quality. The Samsung SGH-U800 soul ensures a good looking MP3 player alternative with some other design. The Sony Ericsson W350i has dedicated music keys for quick and easy handling. And there are these three phones even at a low price.

Nokia 5130 Xpress music

The Nokia phone is specially designed for the enjoyment of music, offers outstanding sound values and finds himself in the Xpress music Nokia Series for a reason. Therefore, there is the music phone in the typical colours blue and red. The individual titles are on the Nokia 5130 Xpress music presented on a 2 inch wide QVGA TFT display. With a screen diagonal of 5.1 cm, also the title of the favorite show without necessarily having scrolling some title, probably at the opening of the player. Because the 5130 Xpress music has a play list sorting. Built-in speakers provide the optimal sound experience in the Park at get-togethers with acquaintances. To pictorially capture the mood a 2 brings the 5130 mega pixel camera, which allows the snap and movies. The powerful and rich sound stands out not only about the speaker, also with headphones the Music phone provides a special sound experience. The internal memory is not enough by just 30 MB but for a large music library. For an extensive MP3 library, there is the possibility of memory expansion via microSD memory card up to 2 GB. For the data transfer 5130 Xpress is available on the Nokia the usual suspects to Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS, and EDGE music. Our site-buy cell phones online cheap offers for just €95.95 with an additional 1 GB memory card the 88 gram lightweight music phone. A review of the phone Here on blog. Our site e can be found. A data cable, charger, and a headset is included. This can be extended. There’s a small speaker called MD 9 fit to classic modern design of the phones. The mini speaker ensures even better mood at get-togethers and fits into any jacket pocket. In the bundle with the Nokia 5130 Xpress music the acquisition on 113.95 euro fee is. The MD-9 speakers has additionally an FM radio antenna, which explore the Fußballergebnise leaves on sunny weekends.

Stylish design with class sound

The Samsung SGH-U800 soul not only classy looks, the facilities of the cheapest Samsung model convinced and offers an integrated MP3 player, the soul lives up to the name. The exterior of the U800 souls b impresses with noble metal and chrome. But not only the design of the cell phones can be seen.The facilities to 3 megapixel camera, HSDPA and all Organizerfunktionen round the the total package of Samsung SGH-U800 soul b off. The 3 megapixel camera is equipped with an integrated Flash and quadruple digital zoom. The images like the music title can be on the internal memory of one gigabyte. To give the possibility of ensuring a large collection of music and pictures to expand the memory up to 4 GB microSD card. High-speed Internet allow the UMTS support, as well as HSDPA. The Office package is comprehensive and includes all the important functions for business use on the road, including the check-in e-mail through POP3 and open Word and Excel documents. As is already emerging that offers U800 soul b not only the MP3 player and radio. The speakers and the headset also bring a sonorous pleasure on your Samsung phone. Of course, there’s the Samsung SGH-U800 soul at Our site – buy cell phones online. It is priced softly about the featured Nokia phone with €111,95 without contract.

Sony Ericsson W350i

The Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson is to be confused with an MP3 player. The keyboard of the W350i is behind a special cover, which is equipped with music buttons. This phone is an MP3 player to the next accordingly. To properly enjoy the sound, yet withdrawn additional features such as Mega are ready bass. On the regulation of the bass Gets the sound additional depth of sound and increases the enjoyment of music. Equalizer for customizing the songs according to their own needs is at the Sony Ericsson W350i with part of the game. The internal memory provides not just enthusiasm for Musikliebahbern. There is no place for a comprehensive music library on the 14 MB. Fortunately, the memory that also this Music phone can be extended. With a memory stick micro memory on the W350i on up to 4 GB. There is then more for an extensive music enjoyment. To find up to 470 favourite place on the phone. Here on was also the Walkman phone with tested. A radio makes for variety, the songs should be ignored over time. The other equipment is fundamentally solid. The Walkman phone brings a camera, of course. With the 1.3 megapixel camera can shoot the best pictures with security but. On the 2-inch TFT display, with which also the u800 soul b is fitted, a camera with higher resolution is not necessary but. Transferring images to the computer and accordingly a larger representation ensures resolution however blur. Video recording not supported the W350i. Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS and EDGE are available for data transfer. The Sony Ericsson W350i is of course at Our site – buy cell phones online. In comparison, it is the lowest-priced phone 82.95 EUR without contract.

MP3 player and more

These three models presented to bring an optimal listening experience on the integrated MP3 player.Who now on the search for a good MP3 player is and settles to one of these phones has also some features as it were free. And the music phones are priced affordable. A good MP3 player also has its price and it can be even about which of the three phones. These models by Noklia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have a rich sound with headphones or through the built-in speaker. With the necessary accessories, these music phones turn even in mobile sound systems, such as the example of Nokia 5130 Xpress with MD-9 described. Cooler and sonorous sound gel bag gently at Our site – buy cell phones online.