New Sherpa Next Thoroughly, So Is The New Assistant Type Google Now Made in Spain

Sherpa It takes a few years between us and what began as a voice Assistant hard-nosed evolved to incorporate more features. It has not stopped growing and a few months ago they announced their next step: Add recommendations according to our tastes and preferences to get ahead of our steps and provide us with useful information.

Under the name of Sherpa Next comes probably the further evolution the application is already not so short life. We have been able to prove it until you reach Google Play and Samsung apps store to tell you what we think and what brings back.

Cured and contextual information

Sherpa this time has understood that if you want to compete with Google Now and company should not focus the user experience in the voice and the wizard will be able to give us a lot of answers to our commands. The Basque company has taken a turn, and now the application has as central element the contextual information.

The information accumulates in different thematic blocks that we can go configuring: time, sports, news, events… As we go adding interests appear us more packages of chips. The interaction with each one of them is very simple, with a side swipe will move on to the next tab of that group and if pressed twice it will expand and display any.

The distribution of the chips is very intelligent and each has a very specific design. At a first glance, we can see lots of information and note that Sherpa has made a big effort to care for the interface and to attract us the first application. However, there are some blocks that cannot be eliminated, not something that happens at Google Now for example. Some, indeed, are going to want to remove as the jokes.

As for contextual information, we find the most interesting application in restaurants and the recommendations as we are. After I move through places of Madrid, I know, I have to say that It is right and is able to offer good advice When looking for places to eat. In fact, here takes some advantage to Google Now almost always resorting to rather poor results.

Sherpa does many things well, but one of them is not telling jokes.

Configuring the application is very simple and, as in previous versions, it will grow with us so to more searches that we do, we will receive more detailed information. In fact, we can give you clues of what we like by clicking on the button of three lines on a tab (also known as hamburger icon) and tell him that we like. In fact, this menu of options we found a very interesting option: share.

Sherpa there is an option to share native but a button that allows us to send links to various social networks and WhatsApp. We miss you can not be sent to other sites but Sherpa makes it clear that he wants to focus the experience in very specific channels. If a user has installed Sherpa Next, When open the link will take you directly to the application as if you don’t have it, you will receive a web page in the browser with the content in question.

The wizard’s voice remains as is the previous version and We can make searches of all kinds as well as ask questions about time, that play us music or that put reminders. Nothing to do in his day, nothing in particular to do not the competition. Sherpa has done well to focus on other types of functions.

The only thing I have missed is information that only the own Google knows of me: the location. Yes, Sherpa knows where I am, but not how I move, where I have the office, my home or sites that I searched in Google Maps. I understand that Sherpa is not there but it is something that I have missed and there they have little to do since Google has the domain of that information on Android.

Sherpa Next is a good nut turn to what they already had. They have upgraded the application, although some menus give me the feeling of being huge in relation to the proportion of the screen, and the new features they offer a good experience if you want something other than Google Now. In fact, it is a good guide of leisure to find out what’s in our city. This would be a good definition for this new update.

The application convinced but we’ll see if it is capable of captivating the rest. They have debugged much experience to focus on the weaknesses that have competitors. They are on the right track, we’ll see if they keep it.