New Rumors Are Running to The Successor of The Coprocessor Apple M7, Called Phosphorus

A new filtration on future iPhone iPhone 6L and 6 points to one of the components most interesting in the previous generation of Apple devices: the Apple M7 coprocessors, responsible for monitoring the physical activity of their owners.

The successor of the M7 Apple is called Phosphorus According to documents leaked on Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo. The presence of that component, which in addition is attributed to new capabilities that will be primarily intended to work clearly shows a schema with the HealthKit API that Apple introduced in the past as part of iOS 8 WWDC.

This API allows you to collect more data on our physical activity and our health. For example refers to the monitoring of the heart rate, the amount of calories burned, cholesterol levels or blood sugar levels. Some of those data will be collected, that Yes, via accessories, but the new coprocessor will be able to bring that information to give reports on our health.

There are no known additional specifications on new coprocessor, but we will see how this type of capacity – native applications and third-party – the new iPhone takes advantage. Are expected to have the new iPhone at an event – still no officially – confirmed on September 9.