Mini Version of OnePlus 2 Spotted in Speed Tests

Results of a speed test reveals a new and even less OnePlus-smartphone on 4.6 “, which hides all the same topspecifikationer as OnePlus 2.

Typically exceeds the screen size on smartphones in line with better specifications, and the big stores like top models on screens in the order of 5-6 “.

Apart from Sony with its Xperia smartphones, there are not many manufacturers, combining small, manageable screens around the 4.5 “with the best specifications.

It is a market that the Chinese manufacturer, OnePlus, seems to want to explore. In any case, if it is the result of a speed test, as the 12. December is run in the program GFXBench and automatically uploaded to test the application’s home page.

Together with the result of the test shall be attached to several of the specifications, which are more or less identical with the current OnePlus 2-top model-only with the smaller screen. Screen size measures therefore 4.6 “with the same Full HD resolution at 1,080 x 1,920 pixels.

Of mechanics therefore also hides a powerful Snapdragon 810 processor, which consists of eight cores: four powerful with a rate of 1.7 GHz and four others who probably runs at a slightly lower rate of 1.5 GHz. Processor is accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB internal storage, where 54 of these are available for free use.

With photos at a resolution of 4,160 x 3,120 pixels there is room for the same 13 megapixel camera as in OnePlus 2 manufacturer OmniVision is behind. The same seems to be the case with front camera, which made room for the same 5 megapixel camera. The sensors can be different of course, but in that most specifications are identical with OnePlus 2, giving it good sense if the sensors also is it.

Something like OnePlus largely have had to hear about the launch of both OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, is the omission of the little NFC chip to, among other things, contactless payments and easy connectivity between devices. This small chip missing this OnePlus-phone also.

Gets the name “OnePlus Mini”?

It remains to be seen what the name of this even less OnePlus-model will be. As the rumors swirled up to the launch of OnePlus X was speculated in the somewhat obvious name, OnePlus Mini. It looks, however, nor does it appear that it is decided yet, in and with the phone’s name in the test simply is “unknown”, but however unrecognized OnePlus – as a product.

Neither the design or launch date is let out at this time, so until then you must simply wait patiently if a 4.6 “next-generation smartphone is right for you.