Mini Sago Space Explorer Is The Game Free of Google Play This Week

As you know Google every week giving away a game or application each week and the truth is that every week usually us leave with some interesting title. This time brings Mini sago Space Explorer and although at first glance it may seem like a game little attractive, if we have children going to enjoy a lot.

Sago is a space dog who should be exploring space to interact with different objects and characters. Its tone is clearly child but children getting distracted and learn to fiddling with the screen. Perfect for when we want to pick up the phone and tablet, and we don’t want that they become entangled in excess applications that we have.

Perfect for when caught us mobile

Aesthetically, it is a simple game with a style of art that reminiscent of children’s stories. The universe of Sago is small but is full of elements that can play and view animations. There is a purpose as such so our goal is to explore the map until we boring.

In total, more than 30 animations for that sin them be mounted their own stories interact in the order you want them with different objects. It does not include ads nor you buy within the app by which we won’t have to worry about anything. Yes, probably were expecting something for you but it is something with which our brothers and sisters, nephews or children entertained awhile.

You don’t have to have a powerful Android, works on almost any device and although it is a basic game, it is worth to throw a game if you have children. Before it was priced at 2.69 euros but if you download it by clicking on this link, you will go free on Google Play.

Mini sago Space Explorer educational game

  • Price: 2.69 euros (thanks this week)
  • Developer: Sago Sago
  • Download: Google Play