Microsoft Lumia 950-Good Start for Windows 10 [TEST]

New top model with Windows 10-Microsoft Lumia 950 is one step forward on many points, but there is still the last.

Thin and delicious, but lacking * maybe * slightly premium feeling

Something happened with the shape since its predecessor Lumia 930. Microsoft Lumia 950 has grown in height and width, but around the belt is the phone was smaller.

Lumia 930 was a plump case at 167 grams and 9.8 mm in thickness. Lumia 950 have been a few grams lighter with 150 grams, while the waist has shrunk to 8.25 mm. It can we well li ‘-we can very well li ‘.

Phone cling delicious into the hand, and the matte back cover of polycarbonate that it is safe and Nice in the Palm of your hand.

Polycarbonate?!? Let us call it by its more popular and colloquial name: plastic! Although the back cover, which is made of plastic not really looks cheap out, so also find it way up around the edges of the phone.

Compared to its predecessor with the aluminum edges, the phone in my opinion has lost a little of its premium feel. Well, not everyone is of the same opinion. My wife seems for example metal does not matter, and believes Lumia 950 is more delicious than Lumia 930-Bum!

Windows 10 – Classes of Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Lumia 950 comes out-of-the box with Windows 10 – sequel to Windows Phone 8. It looks like itself in many ways, but there’s still been unimaginably many improvements.

Parent’s Windows 10 still built up with a startup screen with tiles or tiles that act as shortcuts, live tiles and overall provides a unique overview of mails, contacts, facebook, news and what the heart desires otherwise.

In several areas is Windows 10 has become more streamlined and simple. Only the menu Options have been given a proper overhaul. Previously you had to flip through an endless and unstructured menu, but now is under options bundled into main groups.

A search function also makes it considerably easier than in the past to navigate among options.

Overall, Windows 10 a huge improvement. It’s all been more smooth, intuitive and simple.

There are still missing apps

But although Windows 10 has become more user friendly and simple, there are still areas where your system has its shortcomings. APPS!

I know that Avid Windows fans will think that this is not true, but listen ‘ right here:
ViaPlay, Chromecast, Apple Music, Sonos, Snap chat, Instagram, and Facebook. Yes, of course, is available as a Facebook app, but it has been developed by Microsoft, and indeed, but there is Instagram the has been in BETA-version in an infinity.

Of course there are also third-party apps for some of the other service. But now, let’s be honest. Third-party apps can easily seem heavy-handed, utjekkede and not so functional as the originals.

I have recently had an iPhone 6S in his pocket, though I in reality probably is more to Lumia products.

It has given a different view on Windows phones. There are things I have missed, and then there are things I wish were in the same way in Lumia devices: Apps! Ååååh what abundance of tasty apps available for Apple’s phones. Here you will be really reminded of what is missing in Windows. We can of course hope that the developers of the eyes up for Universal Apps that can easily be ported to iOS and Android, but the question is whether it will happen in the near future.

I can really be in doubt about what to choose, but after all I probably most leaning toward the Windows, since I think it’s a more daring system that in my world surpasses the slightly dull and flat interface found at Apple. And then I must of course live with the shortcomings that are at the Windows.


Windows Hello-log on with built-in Iris-scanner

Windows Hello – the new system of biometric recognition with the iris scanner, seems absolutely convincing Lumia 950.

Instead of entering a code to close the phone, can we confine ourselves to cast a glance toward the screen. An iris scanner reads the eye and if the user has the right, open the phone up in the same manner as if there were a code entered.

Now, of course, one could fear that the backlight, backlight, twilight or glasses could cause problems, but I’ve tested the scanner with almost every conceivable obstacles, and I just have to say that the system is hugely compelling.

As mentioned earlier, i have a period used an iPhone 6S with fingerprint reader, and if one should compare it with the iris scanner in Lumia 950, then gives iPhone 6S’s fingerprint reader more often than iris-scanner error on Microsoft’s phone.

Monitor – Simply a feast for the eyes

It is hard not to be wowed over the screen on Lumia 950. Quad HD AMOLED, with a size of 5.2 inch in 16:9 format and a resolution of 2560 x 1440, which gives a pixel density of 564ppi.

It is perhaps not all that you will find the technical specifications just interesting, but for them I can say that it means ultra crisp photos, nice colour rendition and, not least, the color black, which will be rendered as REALLY black!

It gives a great contrast and is simply a delight to the eye – period.


Camera – unsurpassed quality

On paper, there has not been the greats with the camera from its predecessor Lumia 930, which in itself has a pretty impressive camera.

Lumia 950 have been upgraded camera sensor to true 16:9 format. It is slightly larger, but there is still a 20 megapixel sensor. The aperture is now called f/1.9, where the formerly called f/2.4, and it should in theory provide better chances for good shots, especially under poor lighting conditions.

It’s hard to put a finger on the picture quality. The only place I’ve had little challenges, is by focusing on the dark spots, which focus the light could not reach out to the object you want in focus.
However, it is not an error in the device, since competing phones often have similar difficulties.

Front camera has also been overhauled. It has been pumped up from 1.2 megapixel in Lumia 930, to now 5 megapixels in Lumia 950. It makes front camera more usable than earlier, and selfie-starved users will be happy in the lid over the result.

Parent takes your phone photos in unmatched quality that is hard to catch up with.


Not just a smartphone, also a computer

When you use the phone on a daily basis, there are not many tasks the unit must think long over. You look at the dry specifications, one can not be in any doubt that Microsoft has thought Lumia 950 as more than just a device that can check Facebook and emails.

Under the lid are placed 3 GB RAM and a Qaulcomm Snapdragon CPU 1.8 GHz hexa-core 808, which provides much more profits than necessary is for a smartphone that simply must run Windows 10.

Lumia 950 can something other smartphones don’t. With a little extra accessories, can the phone be used as a small computer via Microsoft’s Display Dock, can transform any screen for a computer workstation.

Display the dock has a value of 1,000 dollars, but for a limited time, Microsoft is the one with the bargain, when you order a Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL.

On Lumia 950 there are preloaded Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The programmes are on the phone simpler and contain only the most basic functions immediately.

The magic occurs when Lumia 950 via Continuum and Display the Dock be coupled to an external monitor, mouse and keyboard. Haqancleli! The phone has turned into a computer, which can be operated like any other PC.

On the external monitor will be the workplace of an almost full Windows 10 experience where extended functionality will be available. In other words, you can literally have your Office in your pocket when you leave work after work.

At a later occasion, we take Microsoft Display Dock under the loving treatment, and test whether it is possible to use the Smartphone as a PC.

Battery life

Behind the removable PLASTIC back cover sits a 3,000 mAh battery, which according to Microsoft was to provide enough power for 9.5 hours surfing via WiFi for example, 67 hours of music playback, 7 hours of video playback or 275 hours of standby.

All this is more theory than practice, and since the users ‘ usage patterns “is vastly different, it’s been hard to define how good or bad the battery is to keep power.

I have an extremely mixed usage, where I several times a day surfing around for shorter or longer periods, check emails, listen to music on the way to and from work, looks a bit and makes a series of video phone calls.

When I get home from work, I put the phone into the charger almost per automatik, while I play with the kids and make dinner. Not because it is about to run out, but more to be sure to have power to the rest of the evening.

A couple of days I have experienced that the battery reaches down about 15 percent, when the clock is 20:00 in the evening. But this happens mind you only if I have used the phone extensively during the day, and have not given artificial respiration in the charger after work.

Conclusion – parent working, but there is still a little

To use Lumia 950 is overall a nice sensation. Windows 10 runs flawlessly, and everything runs smooth, smooth and stable.

Exterior has aluminum been replaced by plastic, and it will probably get someone to lose the feel of a premium phone. That being said, I in no way call Lumia 950 for “cheap”, either in appearance or of actual cost.

In most places, the phone is for sale on the Web for a little less than 5,000 dollars, but for the money you receive in return an absolutely stunning display, unmatched camera and a phone with a little extra accessories, can be used as a PC.

Is it worth the money? Certainly! If you like a phone with Windows 10, you will be thrilled with Lumia 950 …. but you must still live with the flaws that, in spite of everything goes with it. I am thinking here specifically on applications that are still lags behind its competitors.

Smartphones are like marriages – There will always be places one has to compromise or adapt. It also applies here. You can love one operating system, but there will always be something that is missing in relation to the others.

Lumia 950 must have 4 ½ out of 6 stars, because it is a nice phone and because Microsoft dare to do things differently and try new approaches as Continuum.

-Biometric recognition

-Still need apps
-More plastic, less premium