LG GW990 HTC HD 2? Which of The Giants Is The Better Smartphone?

The HTC HD 2 and the LG GW990 are two top smartphones, which is worth to compare it. You are notable for their large touch screens and the strong performance of the computer. You can almost not been particularly the LG GW990 Smartphone as more like mini computers call. But what distinguishes the two devices in particular?

The flagship of the House of HTC, the HD2 has the great resolution touch screen with a size of sporting 10.9 cm screen diagonal. An a power of 1 GHz Snapdragon processor is both multi-tasking possible as the benefits of many functions, not very smooth running with other smartphones as well. Now already as good as standard, but still good, is the 5-megapixel camera.

The Internet reached either via UMTS, HSPA and one at home of course also via fi of Wi. About the operating system Windows Mobile 6.5 can you also don’t complain, but, rather, the HTC HD 2 with his 157 g is among the heavyweight class. Who would have even more information to the mobile phone, can peruse this article from our blog, or directly go here to our shop.

The LG GW 990

The LG GW 990 will give it only to buy in the shop from April, but a comparison with the HTC HD 2 is close, as both devices are great, but also very powerful and diverse. Who is for example here at Our site  which had already other image material available or look at video will determine that it is an extraordinary large Smartphone. In the Pocket is the LG GW 990 absolutely unsuitable, the touch screen with a size of gigantic 12.2 cm compensated some period but.

The LG GW990

For the friends one large touch screens, so a good catch, before especially when you consider that in the device in addition to an atom processor, HSPA, UMTS and W-LAN resolves the display with 1020 x 480 pixels. Because a Linux operating system in the model, little processing power is consumed. All other information and even more pictures of the LG GW 990 can be found for example in this article.

Who is top on the podium?

Who invests in a new cell phone or Smartphone, should make it clear to above, what exactly he with the device can do and where to use it. Basically, the HTC HD 2 as well as the LG GW990 is a Smartphone class. But those who thought his main interest on the performance and a nice appearance is better served with the model from the wing from HTC. Who cares not, that the LG GW990 in some circles even as Blackjacks will be stamped but not want to renounce on the huge touch screen, should opt rather for the Smartphone from LG.

As with so many things in life, there is not only a right solution, but it depends on when you just want to – and the best still everyone even decides. Of course you can Our site-buy cell phones online using various other devices find out like in our shop and other candidates to consider. There not to buy the LG GW990, one can register like free here in a newsletter, which notifies a once there to buy the device.