If You Are a Developer, Tea Interests Be in Chromecast According to Figures from Google

Chromecast complies within just a couple of years and although initially cost you, There are already a lot of applications that are compatible with this HDMI dongle. This is good news for us as users get more out of a device able to do a lot of things but simple means.

At the same time it is also good news for developers and Google He has shared four case studies to add support for Chromecast you can assume a leap forward for our creations. It is not a panacea, of course, but the cases exposed are very interesting, go with them.

When Comedy Central, the thematic channel dedicated to humour, introduced Chromecast support in your application for Android, he saw as the viewing of content they rose by 50 per cent. This novelty was introduced in November 2014 and according to they are quite happy with the integration of this function.

Just Dance, the dance video game consoles game, has understood that people increasingly playing more mobile and long ago they released a version for smartphones powered Chromecast. Since they introduced this compatibility, the players dancing in front of the telly consume 2.5 times more content payment those who use the mobile.

Fitnet, an application to make fitness on the TV, has also managed to engage more users and step to do it better. Haystack TV, a video streaming service, has also increased its display time since they introduced Chromecast support, specifically have managed to bend the figures since then.

Does it mean that if I add Chromecast support to my app is going to be a revolution? Not exactly, since not all apps can take advantage of the potential of this accessory for TVs. However, it is likely that if is good yarn to see use metrics to improve. There is no certainty and which selects Google are very specific cases but the good news is that Chromecast is a way more for launching applications and services for success.