Graphics chip Maker Nvidia On The Google i/q Conference Presents New Touch Screen Tablet!

Of course, and the operating system of the search engine giant will be at a such fair of Google’s developers a place on the tablet. The specially developed tablet computer offers accordingly with Google Android 2.1 and the decisive advantage of USB interfaces compared to the iPad. Otherwise, the touchscreen Tablet preparing, on the Tabletmarkt properly to ensure a sensation. The newcomer with Google Android should be slightly smaller, narrower and slightly lighter. The prototype with touch screen could confirm these claims.

Web cam and USB

The still unnamed Tablet served to demonstrate the Multitouch function on the basis of two games at the developer show more. This truncates the NVIDIA Tablet anyway very well and fulfilled its purpose as a presentation object more than just successful. The world of video telephony is open through a Web cam in the form of a front-facing camera and a built-in microphone. The two USB ports are a definite plus to the iPad by Apple. Often the missing interfaces on the iPad will be criticized and even restrict the use of the device in some ways. Fast data transmission on the stick is namely not given for the Apple tablet.

Tegra 2 processor and touch screen

The Tegra dual-core processor ensures fast processes on the tablet with a 1 GHz clock rate. The ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processor is handheld likely to also used by Nintendo for the new portable 3DS, which speaks for the quality of the processor and speaks on a near-perfect suitability for mobile devices. On a screen diagonal of 22.6 centimeters, you can admire responsiveness and performance. The touch screen measures 8.9 inches and resolves with 1,024 × 600 pixels. Trying out the user interface was however not possible where prototypes on the Google I/Q.

Slimmer, faster, better!

Anyway, the Android Tablet by NVIDIA is much slimmer than the Apple tablet. With a shoestring centimeters the Tablet decreases less than 0.4 cm the iPad, which is quite a significant difference when looking the width. The integrated processor with dual-core technology to be the iPad lengths ahead in the Apple. Here at big-Our site  is talk of smooth 25% in terms of speed. Here on Our site, even a video of the new iPad competitor is located.

Tabletmarkt fought hard over

Of course, the Apple iPad is not the only competitor on the market of tablet computers. However, it serves as a pioneer always as a good basis for comparison and will be also the first available tablet in Germany, since it already to have will be to May 28 at Our site – buy cell phones online. Currently there are already original imports who are looking for their new owners. The ASUS Eee tablet will be on the then most but very competitive market to the worst competitors of the two aforementioned tablets. Precisely because of the successful series of the Eee laptops. As well as NVIDIA’s Android tablet will be equipped with features, the ASUS Eee tablet, the iPad does not offer, above all support Flash, USB ports, and a Web cam. In addition, the ASUS Eee tablet running Google Android will be equipped. With a price below €400, the tablet will be significantly cheaper than the iPad. The German tablet is named WeTab and be a little more expensive than the ASUS Eee tablet with around 450 euros, the small version with 16 GB at least. Multimedia and multitasking are important features of the tablet computer for the German manufacturer. What iPad Miss Apple that brings also the WeTab. A Web-cam, USB ports and a ZHD reader with are part of the game. The larger version with 32 GB and full HD video chip will cost around 570 euros. The release date of the WeTabs moves more and more, but it should be available in the next month.


All tablets, which are now placed to the Apple Tablet on the market, build just on the vulnerabilities of the iPad and want to make up for this by providing the capabilities to video telephony and data transmission via USB port. Just the Android tablet from the graphics chip maker NVIDIA seems the Apple iPad in all matters ahead.

The appropriate attributes for the Tablet are slimmer, faster, better. It offers also the possibility of memory expansion via microSD card. A further advantage, considering the iPad depending on the used version boundaries. Still no release date of the tablets is, since’s first served on the developers fair for the demonstration of the multi touch. Also a name is missing for the tablet. How should it mean your opinion? We will gladly forward the best proposals of Our site! Simply write a comment with the proposal and praise, have fun!