Google Implements in Inbox Special Reminders for Emails from Your Reservations

Gradually, what started as a curious experiment that try to give a twist to the way in which we use the e-mail is becoming a powerful tool. Google is serious with Inbox, and its developers have just announced the implementation of new functionality more worthy of Google Now which email client.

It’s a new feature that will allow us to defer emails related to reserves in an intelligent manner, so now we can not only choose the exact date on which we want to us show, but it will appear a new option to do mail us to get just one hour before the reserve again.

In this way, if we have made a reservation at a hotel or restaurant and the establishment sends us a confirmation email, to slide to the right mail to make the option of postponing, an option will appear for that mail us back to appear as if it were a reminder just an hour before you have to eat or entering the room.

Depending on the mail, Inbox will suggest us to program it to one hour or even a day before the event, This new option to postpone will be available for emails from tracking packages, reservations in restaurants and events, invitations of the application calendar, confirmations of flights and hotel and car rental reservations.

I have to admit, as person who receives dozens of emails daily Inbox is the most essential Google service for me, and it is very good news that its developers does not comply with its powerful function of organization emails and notifications and also experiment with curious additives such.