G3 Has Robust Setting and Stylish Design

Cell phone has excellent quality camera still, but peca low battery life

In recent years, the LG has wagered mainly on more robust configuration possible to stand out in the Smartphone market. The apparatus G, G2, G Pro and G Pro 2 stood out for their parrudas settings, but suffered some criticism in other aspects.

Tests of the Xperia Z2 , S5 Galaxy , Galaxy K Zoom , Lumia 1320 and other smartphones

With the G3, LG refines the formula, bringing more than just a setting. The G3 brings clear advances compared to the G2, in terms of design, camera and software. On the other hand, some features enhanced by the company to disclose the unit do not show themselves as revolutionaries in practice, and the G3 slips in a key item, the battery. Check out the test.

In favour:

-Powerful Configuration;
-Lightweight and stylish design;
-Excellent screen quality;
-Wireless Charging base included in the box;
-Redesigned, simpler Software and modern;
-Excellent camera.


-Battery below average Duration;
-Water protection without certification or dust.


One of the criticisms of the G2 was your plastic finish on back, which was a point of weakness. In G3, that doesn’t happen. The rear cover (removable) is still plastic but with a very elegant metallic-looking texture. Better yet, she’s practically immune to fingerprints, problem that affects the G2 and other smartphones, like the Xperia Z2.

An advantage of the removable cover is to allow access to the battery, which can be replaced without having to send the unit for technical assistance. It is also on the inside of the appliance that are inputs to the microSIM and chip for memory cards microSD.

In front of the unit, another plus. The screen takes up almost the entire front. This means that the G3 includes a 5.5-inch screen in a body nearly equal to that of the G2, which has 5.2-inch screen. The G3 is also a very light device, with only 149 grams.

As in other recent handsets from LG, the G3 has no buttons on the sides. The volume buttons and power switch are on the back, just below the camera.

In favour of the G3 can say that this solution is more elegant in this device than on previous models of LG. buttons are more pleasant to use and easier to locate just groping the back.

On the other hand, who’s used the buttons on the sides will take some time to get used to the new buttons. In addition, as the buttons are close to the camera lens, it’s easy to blot her by mistake to look for the buttons. On the bright side, the buttons on the back are very comfortable to take the appliance upright selfies.


The LG G3 comes equipped with four cores 801 Snapdragon processor and 2.4 GHz, the most powerful currently on the market. The version of the device launched in Brazil has 2 GB of RAM (in other markets there is a version with 3 GB). Not surprisingly, the processing of the G3 set yielded great brands in applications such as Quadrant benchmark and Vellamo.

In General, the G3 was in the category of most powerful appliances and its brands were lower than those obtained by Galaxy S5, from Samsung. The exception was the AnTuTu benchmark. In this, the G3 obtained 28,800 points and was well below its main rivals, who have more marks of 33.00 points.

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Regardless of the outcome of the benchmarks, the G3 proved that has enough power to take letter applications. The iG has tested the unit with most common apps and also with “heavy” games, like Dead Trigger 2 and Lawless. All apps work fine and without gagging.

The G3 comes with 16 GB of total memory, being 11.2 GB available to the user. The device has input for memory cards of up to 128 GB, which allows to expand the space easily. Among other features that deserve note are the standard Wi-Fi support ac, the fastest on the market, and the NFC technology, used to facilitate pairing with speakers and other peripherals.

Another interesting extra is the Wireless charging, in standard Iq. The G3 isn’t the only one with this feature (the Galaxy S5 and some models of the line Lumia also have this feature), but the advantage is that the wireless base comes with the product and does not need to be purchased separately.

Completing the package of features, the G3 has infrared sensor, which can be used as remote control for TVs and other electronics.

A downside is that the G3 has no certification protection type water or dust, characteristic of some of his rivals, such as the S5 and the Z2. This can make the device less attractive for those who appreciate this feature.


We get to the point that LG has worked as the greatest differential of appliance. G3 screen has 5.5 inches and is the first of a large manufacturer with 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, superior to the standard Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) used in other phones.

The company baptized this QuadHD screen, in reference to the number of pixels, four times greater than that of HD screens (1,280 x 720) used in smartphones.

The G3 also has the highest density of pixels (532 pixels per inch) between the mobile phones currently on the market. All these numbers are impressive, but they make a difference in practice?

In tests of the iG , the answer was no. G3 screen is excellent on all counts, but I can’t say that the extra resolution causes the experience of use is greater than other smartphones. Part of that can be attributed to QuadHD resolution content, even non-existent. If this resolution becomes standard in cell phones, it is possible to see applications that take advantage of this feature, but for now the situation is not that.


As well as the screen QuadHD, laser sensor of the camera is one of the points emphasized by LG in the G3 material. In General, the idea here is to use the laser to calculate the correct focus for each photo so virtually instant.

As with QuadHD screen, you can’t say that the laser makes the G3 camera much faster than that of its closest competitors. But you can tell that the G3 camera is one of the best on the market. She has 13 megapixel sensor and optical stabilization, which prevents shaky photos.

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Keeping in mind the principle of simplifying the instrument, the application of G3 camera brings you only the most useful functions such as HDR, timer and panoramic photo. Who understand a little bit more of photography can be frustrating to see that it is not possible to adjust ISO and other advanced settings.

In this regard, the G3 camera stay out of zillions of camera settings of Galaxy S5. But for many users it can be a benefit, as it leaves the camera easier to use. And it is always possible to download separate applications to extend the capabilities of the camera.

With so much being spoken about the rear camera, it’s good to see LG hasn’t forgotten the front camera (2.1 MP), increasingly used in famous selfies. The camera brings an interesting resource for this type of photo. The user shows the back of your hand to the camera and, when close to hand, the camera takes the selfie after three seconds.

The ergonomics of the G3 also helps in selfie, since the volume button on the back is in the perfect position to be fired. The application of the front camera brings a feature that hides imperfections and marks on the skin.

System and applications

An old complaint of some users in relation to cell phones from LG (and also from Samsung) was the interface, full of “frills”, and modified in relation to the “pure” Android.

The G3 shows that LG has evolved also in this item. The Android version included in G3 has more modern icons, a more “clean” and easy to use. For comparison, the notifications screen G Flex, one of the latest phones from LG, has no fewer than 29 settings between controls for WiFi, brightness, NFC and other functions. In the notifications screen G3, that number drops to 15 in the default configuration.

Unfortunately for those who have other devices from LG, so far no news on an update to apply the G3 interface to other smartphones in the enterprise.

G3 applications screen (left) and feature QSlide, with smaller Windows apps (dir.)

In terms of applications, the LG also apparently learned his lesson. There is only the company’s apps store and a useful application of remote control for TVs and other electronics (the G3 has infrared sensor).

The only LG app that doesn’t add a lot is the Smart Notices. The idea of the app is run similarly to Google Now, by issuing warnings useful depending on the occasion. But in practice the result is weak and the app is limited to issuing warnings, like “the long dry, so remember to drink water”.

Other useful features of the LG are also already in G3. The QSlide performs eight smaller windowed applications (browser, video player, calculator and other), allowing you to make better use of the screen space. Already the Smart Screen prevents the screen between resting mode while the user is looking at her. There is also a feature that moves the device keypad for easy use with one hand.


Here lies the greatest weakness of the device. In tests of the iG (performed three times), the G3 obtained only 5:30 with video running in full screen, maximum brightness and WiFi connected. Is a value well below the average of the sophisticated smartphones, which tend to achieve 10 hours or even more. In a less strict test, with 1 hour of heavy games, 1 hour of video and some navigation and use of applications, the unit barely reached the end of the day.

Some specialized sites set their minds on this low duration due to high screen resolution, which would require more battery power. Whatever the reasons, the fact is that in tests done by the iG the G3 was well below their competitors in this item.


The G3 is undoubtedly a first line, and competes on an equal footing with Galaxy S5, Note III and Xperia Z2, other devices with Android and powerful configuration. The smartphone from LG has excellent camera, robust processing and modern software. In addition, your stylish and practical design makes the machine pleasant to handle and use.

The lack of a protection from water or dust can leave the unit less attractive for those who appreciate this feature. But the biggest weakness of the device ends up being the battery that, in the period of tests of the iG was well below its main competitors.



Price: R $2,300
Setting: 801 Snapdragon processor 2.4 GHz quad-core, 2 GB RAM, Android system 4.4.2, 5.5 inch screen Quad HD resolution (2,560 x 1,440) and IPS technology, 13 megapixel rear camera with laser focus and optical stabilization, 2.1 megapixel front camera, NFC, infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac, 3 g/4 g, 16 GB of memory (11.2 GB free to use) , entry to memory card, standard operator chip microSIM.
Dimensions (cm): 14.6 x 7.3 x 0.8
Weight (g): 149

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