Four Attractive Photographic Performance of 8 IOS Which Apple Did Not Mention Yesterday

The next operating system for smartphones and tablets of Apple took over much of the presentation yesterday at the WWDC. Even so, Tim Cook and his not so told all about iOS 8. Is left by the wayside, at least, four pretty interesting features you will like to users who tend to take pictures with your iPhone.

The new camera app will allow us to select the area of focus and adjust the exposure completely independently, rather than right now you can’t with the current application. We will only have to touch on the area we want to focus on, and then we will be able to adjust the exposure using a slide bar.

In addition, fans to time them lapses, these made-up videos starting from a sequence of photographs that fashion has been for years, also can burn them in a simple way using the iOS 8 camera app. Although we do not know all the details yet, we do know that practically the only thing that we have to do is select the interval in which the photographs should be taken. Otherwise, according to Apple, is automatic.

Also it seems that it will be possible to use a Timer allow delayed firing 3 or 10 seconds, for, for example, let us take a group photo. And, finally, the iOS 8 camera app will incorporate a called shot in burst mode Instant Burst Mode. We just have information that allows us to know how that will work, but it might be only necessary to keep your finger on the shutter button to capture multiple consecutive snapshots. We will see how all this is specified when iOS 8.