Flynx, or How Save Articles to Read More Later (And Comfortable) on Your Android

If you are probably regulars of social networks in more than one occasion you’ve encountered this situation: we locate an interesting article but at this moment we cannot read it. For that there are services such as Pocket or Readabilty that allow us to store readings to then read them with calm but and if we are looking for something faster and more agile?

Suponed you can see a link you want to open, but at this moment it is not possible. You don’t want to keep it in the Pocket and that Miss into oblivion if not keep it handy to see it when you get home or get out of a meeting. Have, in short, a reminder not to forget him. There is a solution for Android and its name is Flynx.

Keeping articles “for later”

Flynx is in essence an application for storing links. However, its operation is slightly different. Instead of creating a list of readings as such, what it does is show us bubbles on your desktop with the icon of the web, Facebook Messenger style with floating notifications.

We can move them, sort them, delete them or refer to them whenever you want. At the moment in which they are stored is stored in the memory of your mobile phone in a special format where removed all the unnecessary elements and centrararnos so in reading, as in Pocket and company, go.

To add the links just we have to click on them (in any page or application) and choose to save them with Flynx. At that time we will see that it creates a bubble with the page that we have filed. Fast, flexible and free but for my taste with one catch: the read mode.

When reading articles on Flynx is true we won very quickly for those things that we need “a while” for reference. However, when reading something long things is not a particularly attractive application and There Pocket for example has a superb experience. If you are curious to try it, Flynx is free and does not include any advertising or ads. Is worth to give it a chance if we leave a reading for awhile.

Flynx productivity

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: InfiKen Labs
  • Download: Google Play