Fearless Fantasy Is a Sinister (But Exciting) Mixture of RPG with Touches of Tale

Research by Google Play and looking for new games to try me topo with Fearless Fantasy. At first glance, with that name, it seems a vague copy of Final Fantasy. However, there are times that appearances are deceptive and after an uninspired title we find us a good game. This is a perfect example because if we are fans of RPGs, you will probably.

Fearless Fantasy, study tinyBuild, is an adventure in fantasy that flees of 3D graphics and pixels as fists to bring us a role-playing game with aesthetics of classic tale, somewhat in the style of what makes Vanillaware on consoles with games like Dragon completo Crown or Muramasa. The result is spectacular and a bit frightening.

After passing through PC is the turn of Android

The game puts us in the shoes of Alex, a bounty hunter who goes out with a group of adventurers to trap and kill the creatures more beasts in this singular universe. We cannot say that the plot is a riot of imagination but the formula works because the truly interesting thing is found in the imagery of this world.

Drawn everything as if they were illustrations, the enemies have a grotesque appearance reminiscent of the tales of terror and, why not, aside from the aesthetics that Tim Burton uses in its animated films. The mix works very well and make Fearless Fantasy is one of the most beautiful games on Android.

In terms of gameplay, we have an RPG turn-based where forge a good team will be essential to overcome the different fighting. We have quite a few possibilities, and objects are a crucial element to ensure that our group is fighting to survive. Animations, are indeed, very elaborate.

The game is fun and if we take a bit of patience (is a good challenge) We will have a few hours of game. The only problem is that you don’t have a free version and the more than four euros it costs can take back. That Yes, after testing it I can only say that it is one of the best RPG I’ve played on Android.

Fearless Fantasy role-playing games

  • Price: 4,38€
  • Developer: tinyBuild
  • Download: Google Play