EvoCreo Is The Most Bright and Got Clone of PokéMon That You Can Play on Android

Pokemon has created school and not just among those who play and see the adventures of these creatures but among the many who have been encouraged to make their own versions and adaptations. Some base by taking the same characters and others creating a parallel universe but with the same rules and concepts. None of the two types normally get very far but sometimes there are exceptions.

EvoCreo grab the essence of Pokemon and creates a new world with very similar rules and where at any time prevent the similarities. A game that has debuted recently on Android and which is highly recommended if we tried any of the titles that have come out on Nintendo consoles. A clone, but a very well done clone.

Get all, in another universe

From the outset the game makes it clear from where part: we are a silent protagonist who we will have to put name and within a few minutes we will have to choose a creature. Our goal, of course, win at the Coliseum and become in the best Evoker of the world.

On our way we have to go by defeating leaders and an evil corporation that tries to take over the world. To beat them we will have to go training the creatures We are getting so that they evolve, climbing level and also learn new skills.

The hard core, as you can see, is pure: a very similar structure in history, fighting turn-based where the strengths and elemental weaknesses are key to winning. Aesthetically, the game is very similar to the fourth generation Pokemon (diamond, Pearl, Platinum…).

The controls are very well designed and combine virtual buttons to move the character and interact and then some faster to move through the menus of options or when choosing commands fighting. Includes multiplayer online cross-platform by which we can combat with users of other operating systems.

The game is worth $ 1.09 but has a free demo that I can download here. EvoCreo is long, has many exploration and worth doing with it if we like the Pokemon formula. Play with a Bluetooth remote for all areas of the world and scan is highly recommended to move with more grace.

EvoCreo role-playing games

  • Price: 1.09 euros
  • Developer: Ilmfinity
  • Download: Google Play