Eee Pad-Asus Want To Mix With Its Own Touchscreen Tablet The New Market!

Meanwhile, the iPad no longer is the only tablet computer, which is announced to have respectively. Also ASUS would now participate in the prophesied rewarding business of the tablets. The Eee PC to build on the success it the Eee pad, as announced already by name, with good facilities and great design. Just the weaknesses of the iPad are fixed with the Eee pad by ASUS. The Tablet PC is therefore as a serious competitor to watch.

Especially between the competition

iPad, WePad and EEE pad! Sound all similar and yet completely different. For three years now, the WePad is developed by Neofonie in collaboration with Intel, Siemens, and Adobe. In August of this year it should be finally ready, then the German WePad will record the competition with the Apple iPad. The Eee pad presses now with the important functions between these two tablets and also wants a part of the cake on the Tablet market. In June, the Eee pad at Computex, the fair in Taiwan will be presented. This will take place from June 1-5. Here on Our site is also written by the presentation of the tablets.


Google Android

On the Eee pad, the operating system of the search engine giant Google is intgriert. This brings iPad already a great advantage over the competitors. Nothing in the way is the world of applications and applications with the Eee pad. With the iPad, Apple decides whether the application is approved or it may not. The used ARM processor, Windows 7 as the operating system could be excluded in advance, such ashere on Our site. Accordingly, the Eee pad not in direct competition with the HP Slate is available.However, the HP slate supports Flash content. It was also an important factor in the Eee pad, because just the iPad will not bring this support.

More Faetures that does not have the iPad

What does often harsh criticism of Apple’s iPad with it, is the missing camera on the tablet. Just in the interpretation on social networks and chat programs a webcam would look good. When the Eee pad byASUS, such can be set to exactly. Asus has looked at as it were the disadvantages of the Apple Tablet and so improved the own tablet, so it would seem. For USB ports are in the new Eee pad also with part of the game. The ASUS Tablet stands out accordingly in all wounds of Steve Jobs and Apple, and expanded it considerably. Of course is such a Tablet also Wi-Fi have the opportunity of mobile surfing in the form of UMTS support and security.

Very surprised

That left resident Jerry Shen announced at least of the ASUS Board. The product design is extra again been revised after the launch of the Apple tablet, to distance himself completely from the competitors.You can be so stretched that in Taipei, the Taiwanese company, held Computex. Of course not only because of its design, but also because the remaining basic equipment such as the touch screen and other specifications to software and co.. Funny that only such features are leaked, are missing the Apple tablet. At the latest to the market launch in the third quarter of this year the remaining features will be known, but probably already to the official launch of the Eee pad at Computex in June. This is the Eee pad with Google Android on the market will place, have already been set. Who has however more shot up on the new operating system Windows 7, will need to wait little longer. The second tablet should be after the Eee pad on the market place, is presented also at Computex in Taipei, which is confirmed here on Our site. The high-end pad should have an Intel Core i processor and which do adopt Windows 7.

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