Climate of Kosovo

Climate of Kosovo

The summer months in Kosovo are relatively warm, due to the geographical location and the fact that depressions have more difficulty reaching Kosovo. The average afternoon temperature during the months of June, July, August and September is in large parts of Kosovo between 22 and 28 degrees. For the higher areas, of course, the daytime temperatures are generally lower the more you climb.

Cool winters

The winter months are quite cool. The plain of Kosovo, where you will also find the capital Pristina, has an average of about 110 days with night frost in the period from November to March and about thirty to forty days with frost during the day. In the mountains it is considerably colder and the snowfall provides excellent winter sports opportunities. Although Kosovo will probably never make it into the top five most popular winter sports countries in the world, some parts of the country are fairly snow-sure.

Unstable spring and autumn

The transition months between winter and summer are quite unstable. During the months of April, May and October it can be 25 degrees today and suddenly ten degrees cooler a day later. This weather pattern is something that occurs in a large part of the Balkan region. Some years you are lucky that the weather is nice and stable for weeks, without too many fluctuations in weather or temperature.


Measured throughout the year, winters are slightly wetter than summers. In Pristina, for example, August is the driest month on average, with 52 mm of rain, and November is the wettest month with 84 mm of precipitation. For Kosovo, the west is the wettest, with a total of about seven hundred to more than nine hundred millimeters of precipitation per year. The further east you go, the drier it gets. The easternmost parts of Kosovo are quite dry by European standards, with an average of 500 to 650 mm of precipitation per year. In the winter months, a reasonable part of the precipitation falls in the form of snow.

Climate figures

The figures below are based on long-term average climate statistics. The temperatures are displayed in degrees Celsius (°C).

Maximum temperature Minimum temperature Hours of sunshine per day Days of rainfall per month
January 2℃ -5℃ 2 11
February 6℃ -3℃ 3 11
March 11℃ 0℃ 4 12
April 16℃ 4℃ 5 13
May 21℃ 9℃ 7 13
June 24℃ 12℃ 8 12
July 26℃ 13℃ 9 8
August 27℃ 13℃ 9 8
September 23℃ 10℃ 7 8
October 17℃ 5℃ 5 9
November 9℃ 1℃ 3 12
December 4℃ -3℃ 2 12

Best time to visit Kosovo

Do you want to know when is the best time to travel to Kosovo? You can determine the best time to travel to a destination based on the weather and climate. In addition, there are other factors that are not directly related to the weather and that can influence the best travel periods for a travel destination. Think, for example, of holidays or festive periods, which makes traveling more interesting or not, because daily life comes to a standstill as a result. The location of Kosovo within the Balkans ensures a moderate maritime climate that in some places changes into a continental climate type that even has influences of a high mountain climate in the higher areas. The mountains in the west and southeast of Kosovo have cold winters and moderate summers. In the lower parts of Kosovo the weather has an almost Mediterranean character.

The best months for Kosovo

The best time to travel for a holiday in Kosovo is from May to September. In May it can still be on the cool side in the mountains, but it is often pleasant in the lower areas. May can be perfect for those who want to make a tour through Kosovo. The summer months of July and August can show two faces. It can then be pleasantly warm and show stable weather for days. However, it can also get seriously hot with sometimes heavy thunderstorms at the end of a tropical period. If you want to be active in Kosovo, for example in the form of hiking tours, it is best to choose the month of September. It is then pleasantly warm and the chance of heavy showers decreases.

Winter sports

The higher parts of Kosovo contain enough mountains and receive enough snow in winter for winter sports. Brezovica is a popular ski resort in Kosovo. This is the winter sports destination of Kosovo. At an altitude of about 2200 meters, kilometers of good slopes await you. The best time to go skiing or snowboarding in Kosovo is from late December to mid – March.