Climate of Anguilla

Climate of Anguilla

Anguilla is located in the Caribbean Sea, north of the island of Sint Maarten and belongs to the Windward Islands. About 16 thousand people live on Anguilla. The island’s capital is The Valley and next to the capital is Anguilla Wallblake Airport. Anguilla is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. At Anguillahear a number of smaller islands and reefs, all of which are uninhabited. Chief among these are Anguillita, Dog Island, Prickly Pear Cays, Sandy Island, Scrub Island, Scilly Cay, Seal Island, and Sombrero. Anguilla and Sint Maarten are separated by the Anguilla Canal. For income, Anguilla is entirely dependent on tourism and to a lesser extent on banking, due to its favorable tax environment. Most tourists come for the beautiful white palm tree beaches and the azure, clear sea. Deep-sea diving and snorkeling are therefore the number one activity for tourists here. Anguilla has a tropical monsoon climate, which is greatly influenced by the trade winds that blow here. Its location in the Caribbean Sea influences the climate. Temperatures are quite high all year round, but very pleasant due to the ever-present trade winds. Anguilla has more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year. The islands have a large amount of precipitation all year round, but the showers usually blow over fairly quickly. More than 1000 mm of rain falls annually. As a result, the average humidity is quite high. Anguilla is located in an area prone to hurricanes and tropical storms: in the 1990s a hurricane destroyed a large part of the island.

Climate figures

The figures below are based on long-term average climate statistics. The temperatures are displayed in degrees Celsius (°C).

Maximum temperature Minimum temperature Hours of sunshine per day Days of rainfall per month Water temperature
January 29℃ 23℃ 8 15 26℃
February 29℃ 23℃ 8 11 26℃
March 29℃ 23℃ 9 11 26℃
April 30℃ 24℃ 9 11 26℃
May 30℃ 24℃ 8 14 27℃
June 31℃ 25℃ 8 14 28℃
July 31℃ 25℃ 8 16 28℃
August 31℃ 25℃ 9 16 28℃
September 31℃ 25℃ 8 16 29℃
October 31℃ 25℃ 8 17 29℃
November 30℃ 24℃ 8 16 28℃
December 29℃ 23℃ 8 15 27℃

Best time to visit Anguilla

Do you want to know when is the best time to travel to Anguilla? You can determine the best time to travel to a destination based on the weather and climate. In addition, there are other factors that are not directly related to the weather and that can influence the best travel periods for a travel destination. Think, for example, of holidays or festive periods, which makes traveling more interesting or not, because daily life comes to a standstill as a result. The tropical island of Anguilla is a warm destination all year round. Looking at the temperatures, you can always travel to Anguilla. The differences during the year are limited, both during the day and at night. You can say that the period from December to April is slightly cooler and less clammy. From May to November it is slightly warmer and the relative humidity is higher. This makes the perceived temperature slightly higher than the actual temperature.

The most pleasant months

The best months to travel to Anguilla are January to April. It is pleasantly warm, the sun shows itself quite a lot and the rain comes mainly in the form of showers. Heavy prolonged rainfall is rare in the first four months of the year. May and June are good alternative travel periods. You often see more precipitation in May. If you are a little unlucky, the rain in that moon mainly concentrates in one week and that could just be the week that you celebrate your holiday in Anguilla.

During the summer holiday

If you want to travel to Anguilla during the summer holidays, for example because you are stuck with the school holidays, then July is the best option. August is wetter and more unstable. The chance of a tropical storm also increases in August. Therefore, book your stay in Anguilla as early as possible during the summer holidays. If there is a strong wind, there is a chance that the ferries between Sint Maarten and Anguilla will not sail due to the wave action. That chance increases from August.

The hurricane

Anguilla is located in an area prone to hurricanes. It is hurricane season in the Atlantic from June to early December. A number of tropical storms are hitting the Caribbean. Sometimes they have hurricane strength. Particularly during the months of September and October, there is a chance that Anguilla will be directly or indirectly affected by a hurricane.