Cicleta Is The Guide to Move with BiciMad by Madrid in The Most Simple Way

BiciMad last month marked a year, for those who don’t know it’s a network of bicycles distributed the length and width of Madrid that we can go catching to move through the city. Although bikes are analog, all bases are equipped with an electronic system that will report on the number of bikes and available at each point holes. However, refer to it from the mobile is a bit tedious.

Durbon, contributor to Xataka Android and old habitual editor of the blog, has released an application for placing order to BiciMad data and reference from the mobile to know in real time the information of each base. His name is Cicleta and if you move from Madrid by bike, it is a highly recommended application.

A quick look (in real time) to each base

Cicleta part of the Google Maps API to show us the map and locate us by GPS all points that are near our. You can also choose to view them in list so that at a glance we know the bikes available and the gaps that exist. When measuring distances it is quite accurate and hits with both WiFi and mobile network lengths.

We can keep the points that most interests us (e.g. close to work or home) so have them always at hand in a Favorites column. The application is simple, intuitive and lets us know at a glance what extent must go Depending on if we want to leave a bike or catch it.

The application is free, works very well and the only deficiency I see, although this is rather a personal desire, is to expedite the development of routes a little and that you send to Google Maps, for example, to tell you how to get to the point in which you are interested, but for now Cicleta is more a reference implementation and not navigation. If you live in Madrid and use BiciMad, it is essential.

Cicleta transport

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: durbon
  • Download: Google Play