Choker Collars: the 90s Collar Celebrates Revival

Summer-accessories – our mothers already have known: in fashion everything comes back – also the Choker collars. Who doesn’t? Narrow neck chains were all the rage in the 1990s. 2014, the stylish collars will get her next big event.

Choker collars are back! Already popular in the 15th century, the chains were hard said most recently in the 90s. You remember still on the now dreaded tattoo collars? 2014, the trendy chain may appear even still very much futuristic and modern. Long ago, the chains looped tightly around the neck rather than on the Festival meadows at the Oktoberfest have their raison d ‘ ĂȘtre. However, the Dirndl a so-called Choker is part traditional. But besides the Oktoberfest again close jewels may be applied.

Choker collars in all variations

Paris, Berlin and New York: on the catwalks of the world wife carrying collar again. No matter which materials you prefer, on the rise of the so-called statement necklaces is something 2014 for all tastes. Choker, collar, Choker collars from leather, fabric, silver, bronze or gold – the trendy jewelry pieces are just waiting to pull up at your home and the necessary portion glamour each of your outfits to miss. Following applies: simple clothing helps the extraordinary piece of jewelry to his grand entrance.

Extravagance vs. convenience

The name “Choker” sounds much more dangerous than the piece of jewelry is actually. In German means “to choke” so much as choke, is certainly not the intention of this tight necklace. Still a good tip: make sure that it will give you not too narrow at the neck. The saying “who wants to be beautiful must suffer” is perfectly out of place: it must be comfortable and you need to feel at home with the extravagant necklace – that is all that matters.