Beat Master Is The Unofficial, and Spiritual Heir of The Legendary Rhythm Paradise

Six years ago Nintendo dared with a different but very fun game: Rhythm Paradise. The theoretical basis was very good: we had that Click on the screen to the beat of the music to get the best possible score. Instead of virtual instruments, he did so with small actions that we should repeat precisely because the game was really complicated.

With the success of mobile phones, it seemed concerned that someone dared to repeat his success since smartphones have touchscreens, capable of performing all kinds of gestures. It has taken but for some time it is available on Android. It is a somewhat peculiar game but if we hooked not let’s stop playing, his name is Beat Master.

Recovering a forgotten Nintendo game

Beat Master based on the same basis as Nintendo. In other words, ask at each level a strange situation where we will have to do one or two gestures to the rhythm of the music to get the best possible score. For example: will appear us in the first level matches that we have to slide upwards at the time just to do well, everything that is not a match slide it horizontally to dispose.

Each level has a different theme and there it shows much Asian influence in the design. Despite the strange thing that may seem first, it is worth give him a chance if we like the music games. Whenever we overcome with a certain score level, we unlock the following.

The game is free and does not include any additional purchase but, unfortunately, its creators make bad use of advertising: too many banners and sometimes rather difficult to close without open them. By removing that, is a different game to which is worth give it a try.

Beat Master Arcade / music game

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Mr.Games
  • Download: Google Play