Apple Tries to Improve The Camera from Your IPhone with a New Patent: “Super Resolution”

The Apple company has presented this week a new patent describing an innovative technology that, on paper, will enable them to dramatically increase the resolution of pictures taken with camera its coming iPhone without having to increase the number of photo diodes, or pixels, sensor.

The truth is that, in principle, this technology, called in the patent «Super resolution mode», It looks good. However, everyone can imagine without having to read the document (you can check it out at this link) which increase the resolution without changing the number of photo receptors of the sensor is needed to some sort of ‘trick’.

What Apple engineers intend to do is to combine the technology of optical stabilization and the burst shooting to take a sequence of pictures, which, subsequently, they will be analyzed by the smartphone processing software to generate a single image with a higher resolution.

This technique, which entails slightly move the sensor and take several pictures, reminds me of that used by Hasselblad h system And in this work. But you will probably have the same limitations as the Swedish firm technology: the photographed object It must remain stationary and the environmental light conditions must not be changed if we are to achieve the best possible result. Perhaps leave doubt as to this technique when Apple iPhone 6 (if it is that it incorporates it).