Apple Suppliers Believe That 6 IPhone Sold 20% More Than The 5s

The expectations that some companies have placed on the iPhone 6 seem «sky». It is normal that Apple rely on your next smartphone, but Katy Huberty, the analyst from Morgan Stanley which we have discussed on another occasion, has confirmed that the Apple company providers also expect a 20% higher sales that initially had the iPhone 5s.

It is clear that these companies, like Apple, are part of the equation of the iPhone 6, but their forecasts are interesting because they allow us to glimpse that this smartphone will have to bear the responsibility of stamping a profound turning point He represented the launch of its predecessor.

According to Huberty, the suppliers of the components that are being used in the manufacture of the next iPhone are confident that the arrival of this phone «restart» sales. And it’s this analyst has confirmed that, although they have increased during the last quarter of 2013, have remained below the forecasts of the own Apple.

However, these are not the only interesting conclusions that emerge from what was said by Huberty. Also confirmed that the cost of manufacture of the iPhone 6 It could exceed 20 or 30 dollars the 5s iPhone due to the price of a larger screen and an improved camera.

In addition, it ensures that providers expect to not occur no problem of supply components that prevent Apple meet all the demand. Will not take check if their forecasts are met.