Apple Sells 43.7 Million IPhones in Its Second Fiscal Quarter, 16.35 Million Ipads

Apple He has presented its financial results for the second fiscal quarter of the Californian company. The most striking is to see that they have been sold more iPhones than expected: 43.7 million, When a figure close to 39 million are aimed.

The low figure of the spectacular earned 51 million during the previous quarter, passing through the holiday season. Are higher than achieved in the same period of the previous year: 37.4 million.

Has sold 6.3 million of iPhones more than last year

Apple specifically cites the operation of China Mobile phone, and even if they do not give specific figures, they have been a push important to get sales to grow 17 percent versus the same period of the previous year.

Another important market is Japan, with a growth of 50% in sales. They include sales in Brazil, India, Poland and Turkey.

“We are very proud of our results in the quarter, especially with the strong sales of the iPhone and record in services revenue. We look forward to the introduction of new products and services that only Apple could bring to market “-Tim Cook”

After checking the good health of the phone, all eyes are on the renewal of the product that works best, the iPhone 6. Rumoured delays with or without them, surely that it appears before the end of the year. Improve will sales with larger model?

Apple loses ground with his tablets

If we go to another important device of the House in a matter of sales, iPad, we see that the tablet has managed to put on the market 16.35 million of tablets. In this case, one number of quite a bit lower than that set expectations (around 19 million).

They are also clearly lower than the numbers achieved in the same period of last year, sales of 19.5 million were recorded. Curiously for Apple they are better than expected.

IPad web traffic is four times higher than the web traffic of all brands and models of Android tablets combined.

Apple is not too open to tell us details about models, or very specific numbers, but it is interesting to know the following information: more than two-thirds of people who have acquired an iPad were new to the platform, While more than half of iPhone users were also new.

More than 70,000 billion applications have been downloaded. iTunes has generated 5,200 million dollars in revenue, growing 24% with respect to last year. You have exceeded the 800 million iTunes accounts, most of them linked to a credit card.

With regard to income, all the Apple business has registered 45,600 million dollars in the quarter, more than expected. Net profit was $ 10,200 million. Earnings are the best achieved in the quarter ending in March, and older earned for a period that does not have inside the Christmas.

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