Apple Has Defended Criticism of China News by Frequent Geolocation 7 IOS

Apple has been a «small» chagrin in China. Last Friday the China News Network issued a notice criticizing the role of frequent and automatic geolocation that it made the iPhone that have installed iOS 7. This feature allows these mobile identify the location of users to, in this way, determine which places to visit and how often.

The reaction of Apple has not become expected. The first thing that has made has been to remember this geolocation feature is not enabled by default, and is the user that should enable it if desired. In addition, has ensured that these data they are not used to monitor the tour remain the owners of the iPhone, but for information that describes the habits of the users and that can be useful to provide certain services, such as, for example, to find the nearest restaurant or calculate the time it will take to reach our destination.

In what has to do with the privacy of the data, signature of Apple has ensured that the information generated by this frequent geolocation only is stored in the user’s device and it is encrypted, so it is not transferred to services like iTunes or iCloud. According to Apple, users control what geolocation information pick up the iPhone, and also what can be used. And it is clear that this is how it should be.

Such explanations, come from Apple, Google, Microsoft, or any other technology company, never are over because the users should have the opportunity to know exactly which data generated our smartphones and What is done with them. And, in case of doubt, it is also essential that we have the ability to interrupt its generation. So this time the information given by this Chinese chain has reminded us all the important thing is that we are awaiting our phones.