Alice Springs Travel Guide

Alice Springs Travel Guide

Alice Springs is the gateway to the red heart of Australia. Located in the heart of Australia, Alice Springs is a wilderness city that serves as a gateway to mystical Uluru. In secluded Alice Springs, the traveler finds a rare backyard atmosphere.


A city of fun raptures

With around 27,000 inhabitants, Alice Springs is the center of Australia’s red heart, with a long journey everywhere. The small town in the Northern Territory is built next to the handsome MacDonnell Ranges. It is worth hiking or sitting there even for a picnic. A memorable way to see red-glowing Central Australia is to take part in a hot air balloon trip.

There are a number of interesting events taking place in Alice Springs. The Alice Desert Festival showcases the rugged beauty of the desert through art and culture. The Beanie Festival, on the other hand, offers beanie shopping, and the city also has its own waterless regatta event on a dried river. In the Camel Cup, camels compete for speed.

Take an excursion to Uluru

Most tourists arriving in Alice Springs are in town because they want to see Uluru, a mystical red rock formation. However, many are surprised to realize that there is still more than 400 kilometers to the red stone from the city. Alice Springs has numerous travel agencies that organize guided tours of Uluru’s scenery.

While Alice Springs itself has no attractions like Uluru or Kata Tjuta, it’s worth spending a few days on a trip to Central Australia to observe this special kind of wilderness city. Interesting personalities and the small town’s way of life make Alice Springs exotic. Here, the tourist is really far from modern Sydney or trendy Melbourne.

Take an excursion to Uluru

Good to know about Alice Springs

Central Australia is an interesting destination for adventure travelers who enjoy cultural history, nature and outdoor activities. Lively resorts on the east coast are better suited for families with children.

The traveler should be aware that it can be very hot in Central Australia. Christmas, January and February are the hottest months of the year, when meter readings can hurt to 40 degrees. It is more pleasant for the tourist to visit the area during the local spring or autumn, although then the largest tourist crowds are on the move.

June and July are the coolest times of the year, when night temperatures may drop near zero. The days are still usually pleasantly warm.

Due to long distances, certain imported goods such as fruits and vegetables are expensive in Central Australia.

In the Aboriginal area

The state of the Northern Territory is traditionally an area inhabited by Aboriginal people, or the indigenous peoples of Australia. As the second largest city in the state, Alice Springs forms a major aboriginal center. It is estimated that nearly twenty percent of the city’s population is Aboriginal.

Alice Springs has several places to learn about Aboriginal culture and history. Art galleries and shops, on the other hand, display Aboriginal art and handicrafts.



Arrive via two stopovers

There is a long way from Finland to Alice Springs – on the other hand, there is a long way to the city from almost everywhere. You can even fly from Helsinki via Singapore to Sydney or Melbourne , and continue your journey to Alice Springs.

Alice Springs Airport is approximately 15 miles outside the city and is served by flights from all major Australian cities. From the airport to the city you can continue either by bus or by rental car.

You can also travel to Alice Springs on buses favored by backpackers. Packages sold by travel agents are popular. Another interesting form of travel is the Ghan train, which runs through Australia from Adelaide to Darwin.

Modest hotel offer

The Alice Springs hotel selection is quite modest. For travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of Uluru, Ayers Rock Resort is the perfect choice.

There are some hostels in Alice Springs – these affordable accommodations, often favored by backpackers, often include private rooms. For many, camping is a preferred option in Central Australia.

My own ride in the wilderness is a must

Many tourists arrive in Alice Springs on a package tour – in which case transportation is usually included in the price of the tour.

For the self-employed traveler along the distances in Central Australia, the best means of transport is a rental car. It’s worth thinking about what kind of terrain you’re going to drive, as sometimes renting a four-wheel drive truck may be necessary.

Buses serving passengers traveling without a pass. Taxis are expensive in and around Alice Springs.



Ayers Rock aka Uluru

Anyone planning a trip to Central Australia may wonder why they want to travel thousands of miles to see one big rock. From others, Uluru is not seen for this reason.

The skeptic gets his answer when he sees Uluru fluttering in red, which is at its most beautiful at sunrise or sunset. Then all shades of red seem to glow with a huge rock formation surrounded by a mystical atmosphere. For Aboriginal people, Uluru is an important spiritual place.

Tourists can walk around the rock, climb along it, or view it from an airplane. However, climbing to Uluru is worth considering: the route is quite difficult, and the locals are not very supportive of climbing the sacred rock.

Kata Tyuta National Park

Kata Tjuta National Park, also known as Olgas, is located about 50 km from Uluru. Kata Tjuta, consisting of 36 rock formations, is closely associated with the Aboriginal legend alongside Uluru. The highest peak of Kata Tjuta rises higher than Uluruak, and many consider the place to be the most impressive attraction in Central Australia.

There are also various hiking trails on the outskirts of Kata Tjuta.

Watch the stars in the desert

A traveler staring at the sky in the deserts of Central Australia can be downright shocked by the number of stars. The uninhabited areas of Central Australia form a huge unlit area with incomprehensible views of the Milky Way. A traveler vacationing in Alice Springs should head outside the city to admire the star splendor.



What to do in Alice Springs

  1. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the wilderness city
  2. Hike the MacDonnell Ranges
  3. Take an excursion to Uluru
  4. See Kata Tyuta National Park
  5. Visit Alice Springs Desert Park