According to Several U.S. Media Apple Presented IPhone 6 September 9

Although Apple has not confirmed officially anything yet, several US media have it very clear: those of Cupertino will present its new iPhone 6, or rather, your (s) new (s) iPhone 6, on September 9. The first who «is wet» were Re/code editors, but later also opted for this date other two American media with a reputation beyond doubt: The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. We can take this announcement seriously.

This date is consistent with the Outlook of the German Telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom, which several months ago predicted that it would the new Apple smartphone to its customers on September 19, although the latest rumors that swarm over the Internet argue that Apple will launch its new mobile on October 14. As you can see, these dates are reasonable because they scrupulously respect deadlines that usually handle Apple.

Finally we can only remember that, although the Cupertino do not have confirmed absolutely nothing, leaks that have occurred during the past few months seem to indicate that they will release two different versions of the iPhone 6 fitted with screens of 4.7 and 5.5 inch. We’ll see if finally this information is confirmed, but given the dates that we are, so close to the «alleged» launch, and the entity of the sources, they seem reliable data. At the moment he plays wait.


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