A Characteristic «Hidden» of IOS 8 Will Protect to The Users of The WiFi Tracking

During his presentation last week, Craig Federighi, the Vice President of engineering of Apple software, strove so be all clear that iOS 8 will be an operating system more secure than its predecessors. However, it seems it did not count everything you will provide us with the next iteration of the platform for Apple’s mobile devices.

According to Frederic Jacobs, a pretty renowned security guru outside our borders, iOS 8 will incorporate a new feature designed to protect users of WiFi Tracking (WiFi tracking), which, although it does not have to be harmful, can be used for malicious purposes. This information appears directly extracted from a slide of Apple (probably shown in any of the technical sessions from WWDC), making it credible.

Seems to be that iOS 8 generate random MAC address When you are in watch mode to connect to wireless networks (a MAC address is a unique identifier associated with a device network controller). In this way, the MAC address of our device, which is something as well as its DNI, will only be exposed when we actually connect to a wireless network, but not before that time.

WiFi Tracking is currently used by some commercial establishments when we access inside to learn about our purchasing habits (in which areas of the store we stop, which products we are most interested in, what our itinerary, etc.), but, logically, it can also be used for spy on us and get to know our location outside of this context.

This technology of Apple is, precisely, hide the real credential for a device, continuously generating new MAC addresses to hinder its follow-up. No more, no less. As you can see, it is a rather simple technique, but all that improve the level of protection for users, albeit minimally, is welcome. Do not you think?


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