8 IOS Will Allow That We Are in Control of The Way IPhone Fully Manual Camera

A few hours after Apple officially presented iOS 8 we discover that those of Cupertino had been integrated several important improvements in the camera app. Among other innovations, we met the possibility of control manually some parameters of the camera, but now we know that control options will be deeper of which allowed to guess the mention “in passing” from Craig Federighi during his presentation.

The developers of apps will have access to the new parameters of control through the API AVCaptureDevice, which means that they will not be available through the native camera app, but yes they may be used in developing third party apps. In fact, through them we may access almost to all the control parameters that I can find in a good camera manual.

We can manipulate the shutter speed, the ISO sensitivity, white balance, focus, offset of exposure, etc. Apple will also allow developers to write their own algorithms of automatic exposure control, What will probably accentuate the differences between some camera apps and others.

On the other hand, the possibility of adjusting the focus with more precision will allow us to best pictures in circumstances in which by contrast auto focus does not work properly, When we need to take a photograph in an environment with very little ambient light.

All these improvements represent an important step forward that no doubt will be grateful for the users who like to take pictures with your iPhone. And, finally, it will put at your disposal a camera control comparable to that offer for a long time other manufacturers of smartphones.