XXL – Wedding Dresses in Larger Sizes of KÜSsdiebraut

Fashion and women beyond size 38: very difficult topic. Where the thing would be really all that complicated fashion labels just would look at the average woman.

And that has just no 90-60-90. But because we now have a modern ideal of the hunger hook, to models not just slim and lean, but best protruding shoulder blades have sharp knee and ribs looming. Really sad that we know no other expression of beauty in a world of abundance. I like do not support that, although I myself have no reason to complain. Just the other day template collection images of major labels in my mailbox with a request for publication again. I have politely pointing out the absurd image of women is likely to be rejected, even though I basically love the clothes and the label and had you actually like presented.

Kerstin Mechler shows that there is quite another way. The founder of the Baden-Württemberg bridal fashion label küssdiebraut can present their clothes by slim, but not skinny models. In contrast to many other designers exclude them even thickness brides not to say Yes in one of her dresses.

Thick, that would be every woman according to common definition at the latest from size 40.Many labels don’t even offer their clothes in really big sizes or A-lines satin Monster tailor their big customers in the style of the nineties years on the hips while there definitely women, that are chubby and yet fashion-conscious. For her bridal gown buying looks like a gauntlet – silent dramas in the locker room and thick tears included, how’s me some time ago told a XXL bridal.

7 Models Up To Size 52

Also, Kerstin Mechler has heard similar reports: “The demands of desperate brides to be with feminine curves were more and more,” she says. And so seven of its most beautiful models in sizes 48, 50 and 52 are now available. Still there although no authentic images with XXL models, the clothes would I not deprive yet you and show you why the photos from the Kollektionshooting.

Three short and four long models are available in the larger sizes. If you want to try them on, then you can make by the way that in Bavaria and Austria in three businesses: at bridal Adriane Böhm in Kolbermoor near Rosenheim, la promesse in Königsbrunn in Augsburg and bride whispers in the Austrian Villach.

And they, the kuessdiebraut models, which is also available in large sizes are:

Short Dresses

Lucy (the short dress out of the picture at the top), Betty and Kelly (the two models below).So as you see it in the collection photo of Betty with the delicate turquoise colored petticoat and belt, there of course the Boleros and accessories in large sizes suitable to the clothes!

Long Dresses

In addition to Lotti, the long dress from the top picture, the models Carmen, Nannette and Sue are available up to size 52.