Voice Flat Rates Vodafone: Now Include Fixed Free and Discounts on ADSL

Only two weeks ago that Vodafone launched its new voice flat rates and now announces that customers who give high between May 22 and July 31 in any of the flat rates of 29.9 euros or above for, will apply them automatically discounts for lifetime on your bill for fixed and ADSL.

Update July: Vodafone extends the period to be able to register in the promotion until December 31, 2009.

In particular, the discount will be 100% in the share of the service Vodafone at home that allows make free calls to fixed national from the fixed Vodafone (maximum 1000 minutes per month) and has no associated line maintenance costs.

In addition customers with ADSL Vodafone will get a discount of 15 euros per month in the monthly installments of ADSL 6 Mbps option is available for 19.90 euros/month or 12 Mbps by 24.9 euros/month with the discount already applied (also these options include Vodafone fixed and mobile internet for 2.90 euros/day).

It is important to note that the user who wants to discounts on Vodafone at home or in ADLS will have that give up the free secondary benefit of your flat rate (calls 24 hours, calls all weekend 24 hours or 1000 SMS to Vodafone) or assume €9 extra to enjoy two benefits.

With these discounts, Vodafone goes one step further in fixed-mobile convergence and forever offers a rate flat on the mobile and Vodafone at home by 29.90 euros/month or a flatrate in the mobile and ADSL Vodafone by 49.80 euros/month (plus VAT) without any additional costs.

For summarize all the flat rates Vodafone voice and discounts associated with hiring them, you leave the table from the beginning:

Remember that these rates they do not wear any minimum consumption associated and with all the forms not paid establishment of call within the rate flat while calls that do not fall within the rate flat or exceed the monthly limit of minutes have a price of 19 cents (more establishment of 15 cents) per minute.