Vodafone Promotes Super 90 X 1 Rate No Fee during 2009

Vodafone today launches a promotion for new high in contract (for portability, migration or new number) that enables to acquire a contract with tariff SIM free Super 90 × 1 without permanence and pay monthly installments of any kind.

The Super 90 × 1 Plan allows you to talk to any national destination 24 hours of every day paying 34.9 cents per call (with establishment including and limited to a maximum of 90 minutes per call and 1000 free minutes per month).

The particularity of the tariff is to keep it should pay a monthly fee of 12 euros Although this promotion not will have to pay for it during the whole 2009 in Exchange for a minimum consumption of 6 euros If you sign up before June 14 and acquires the SIM without be associated with a subsidized phone and therefore No permanence.

Existing customers may not be eligible for this promotion but will acquire a new Super 90 × 1 SIM keep it during 2009 has no fee or associated minimum consumption but if a minimum monthly consumption of 6 euros.

The Super 90 × 1 comes to compete with the “ rates flat 24 hours ” of Movistar and Orange that will make it more profitable if less than 197 or 169 calls per month respectively are made. Don’t think this is the answer that Vodafone will give the Simple contract put Movistar which does not imply any reduction in the price of SMS, because it is only available for new customers and only it will be in effect during 2009.