Vodafone Promotes Its Fares Companies Share to 50% and Gives Away Memory Cards with Samsung a Particular

Coinciding with the sales campaign, Vodafone promotes the release of their two latest rates for businesses by lowering the monthly fee 50% three months complete.

Thanks to the promotion, these rates allow to talk for free with any destination during 5 hours a day for a fee of €10 / month with the “Plan 5 hours” or call toll free at fixed and mobile enterprise by one fee of €7.5 / month with the plan “All-in-one”. After three months of promotion, will continue to enjoy free calls but fail to apply the 50% discount.

The promotion of 50% will be available only for new high as self-employed or Vodafone company by March 31 and will be publicized along with the HTC Diamond, Blackberry Storm or the new HTC Touch 3G Although it will be available for any mobile chosen.

For the private clients, following the launch of the tariff “Super 60 x 1”, Vodafone now focuses on mobile phones featuring the multimedia capabilities of mobile phones Samsung so offering free memory cards.

This promotion is available with the purchase of the Samsung U700)2GB gift), i450)with 4GB) and F480)with 8GB micro sd-free) with the points program or by high-contract (new, portability and migration).

For the implementation of the promotion of free memory card, simply must be introduced before January 31 Vodafone customer data on the website of Samsung and this will send the corresponding sd micro card.