Vodafone Continued Giving Away Points to Its Contract Customers

Several months ago that Vodafone began to give points to its clients contract with temporary promotions that so far had been released and in the back to school campaign, not going to be less.

Vodafone classifies its private clients mainly depending on the points accumulated during 1 year (between May 30 and June 1) in Vodafone customers normal if you earn between 0 and 599 points, Gold customers between 600 and 1499 points, or Platinum clients If you manage more than 1500 points. The most comfortable way of knowing the type of client you are is free of charge consulting your points balance by dialing * 114 # and call button.

On this occasion, the all customers who decide to switch from mobile renewing permanence before October 10 will receive 1000 additional bonus points if you are a Vodafone customer, 1250 points if you are gold and 1500 if you’re Platinum.

Let us remember that, among other advantages of the segment to which you belong, Vodafone customers can renew your permanence every 12 months (without waiting to meet the 18 that are usually signed), customers every 6 months gold or Platinum them whenever they need it.

It is good to continue trying to improve customer loyalty programs but for many it is required a greater variety of terminals to choose from and a more balanced price with regard to which we provide operators when we do a portability since in some cases it is more expensive to choose a mobile spot than if we buy free.