Vintage Styling Tips – Devilishly Sexy As Bettie Page

When you remember sexy vintage pin up girls, Bettie Page Springs first. The beautiful fetish and nude model of the 1950s is celebrated today as an icon of the pin ups and as a sex symbol. Bettie Mae Page was posted on April 22, 1922, in Nashville, Tennessee born and died on December 11, 1998 in Los Angeles. Bettie Page is regarded as one of the most photographed women of the 50s and was the first famous bondage and fetish model in the world. She was one of the progenitors of way the sexual revolution and the inspiration for many comics, movies, and the development of the new burlesques. One of its distinctive trademarks was the pretty Pony and the many elaborate hairstyles. Today we want to give you some inspiration and styling tips of à la Bettie Page.

Tutorial Faux Bettie Bangs

For the perfect hairstyle, which could compete with a pin up Diva like Bettie Page, you need to maintain your hair first optimally. It is recommended to make a conditioner or hair treatment, give your hair a beautiful Sheen once in a week. Do we start first with heat protection, which we generously spray in our hair length and knead. Now comes your straightening iron in the game: always a thin strand of hair throughout the hot straightener slowly and let the hair cool down. The straightening iron causes your hair to shine more and by its heat appear much smoother and well-kept. If you’re not pony winner, you can conjure up now super easily yourself you the Bettie Page-pony, which was their absolute trademark. For this purpose you combing your hair in the face, divides off a section and forms a V-shaped. The easiest way you can share out clean the form with a style comb. It binds together back the rest of your hair as a ponytail, so that they aren’t you in styling your Bettie Page ponytails in the way. Now tells her off a thin section of hair from the back of your ponies and puts it back. In the rest of your ponies, you work a little pomade or gel for the resistance. Divides this game in 2 or 3 and begins to tease the upper part. Now just the bottom part of your ponies. Both parts are put together and carefully combing your hair on the outside so they combed through and smooth action. Now you take the section of hair that you had filed previously back and those combing more carefully about your backcombed pony. With some hair spray her provides the optimal hold of your hairstyle. Now it is time from your long hair to form a wrong pony. This is very easy, if you have the hang of it. For this, you slowly turns a role at the end of your hair.Tried all the hair in this role to turn. This takes a little practice, but with some skill and patience it manages you soon perfectly. Now her sticks two fingers in the Locke or role and roll up carefully and slowly to the top that. If fits the role perfectly, those fixed with large hair pins. Now comes still the slightly more complicated part of this hairstyle. You have to pull your hair role still very slowly in the form so that it looks like a real pony.Draws the role for this light to the outside and tries to produce a nice symmetry on both sides. If all fits ready, you simply stuck your hairstyle with more hairpins on the head. Now you open up your remaining hair, which you had previously back bound together as a ponytail. Divides two strands on the sides and these scours well and it just for a little volume. Those strands of hair gently rolls up and they kept safely in place with hairpins.With some hair spray, your hair gets the required shine and strength. To your own taste, you can comb now your hair to one side and firmly secure it with hairpins. Here at from our vintage shop, her perfected this sweet vintage Bettie Page hair styling.

Tutorial: How To Cut And Style I My Betty Bangs?

In this great tutorial explains how to optimally styled his hair as bearer of ponies and cut yourself. Bettie bangs are often cut in a distinctive V-shape. You can do this easily yourself. For this you will spray on your pony heat spray and let it dry first. Combing your hair after left and right until the spray is dry. Now share your pony into two parts and stuck the part with a large Bobby PIN to the back. We now take care of the front of your ponies. Take your straightening iron and smoothes the hair. Now, to take the other part and smoothes the pony all over again. Now, you can comb the right half of the page with a style comb and with a special the hairdressing hair cutting scissors cut a sharp edge with a V-tip, which extends to the middle of your nose. Now you’re doing the same mirrored on the left side. If a page of your ponies should be slightly thicker than the other, you can thin out your bangs on the page a little bit with the hair scissors. Best styling you your V-pony with a hot straightening iron and hold him with some hair spray in its distinctive V-shape.

In this useful tutorial will step by step afterwards, as it is as not pony wearer a hüschen V-shaped bangs with hair clips can easily cut. Be brave girls, this video shows how easy it conjures a pony himself with scissors.

A very important question is to what face shape fits a pony â la Bettie Page at all and those particularly well who. This informative video you enlighten, whether you’re the type for this pretty pony hairstyle.

This saucy pin up model tells you a little about their own experiences with Bettie bangs in the pin up and Rockabilly culture.