The Wardrobe Cornerstones-Weekend Bag

For a short weekend break or a weekend in the country, there are few if any travel options that turn the classic weekend bag. With a size that no problems yesterday as hand luggage on the flight and at the same time holds 2-3 change hitting the plastic cabin bags with horse lengths.

A weekend bag is, in our opinion, the best in a real quality leather. Unfortunately, it is that with all the good skin products that it tastes so it cost. It is also important to bear in mind that just like your quality shoes will age with greater dignity will your weekend bag to do this if you choose a slightly higher quality.

What is it when you can look for to try to find a decent product for the money?

Overall, it is as with much else in the clothing industry that normally get the most product per Swedish krona from specialists in the field. By buying shirts from skjortmakare, shoes from shoe manufacturers and bags from väskmakare usually do not just pay for the product rather than the brand, but also a unique expertise in the field.

There are of course exceptions where specialists developed for major brands like big brands can offer impressive value for money due to large scale advantages.

Our recommendation is that you either choose to add a little more if you want a weekend bag in leather or if you feel that the budget is limited, focuses on an option in such as Nylon or canvas. Here, it is often a “better” product in the lower price bracket than if the bag shall be made of leather.

Here are a couple of manufacturers we think are particularly interesting.

Oppermann London-Hanbury

Swedish/German/British Oppermann has chosen to pursue a business model completely in own ranks so that they do not need återförsäljarmarginal on their products. Because of this, they claim that they can offer a product that would otherwise cost between 30-50% more in store.

Frank Clegg-Signature Duffle

Frank Clegg Signature Duffle is in our opinion the market’s perhaps most affordable weekend bag. Certainly not the cheapest but in terms of quality in both production and materials to get extremely much bag for money from the American manufacturer. (Even the top picture)

Mulberry-Clipper Leather Holdall

Mulberry classic “Clipper” in tumbled leather keeps the than and is one of the most beautiful models on the market.

Swaine Adeney Brigg

British Swaine Adeney Briggs can be seen as the väskmakarnas Rolls Royce. An impeccable craftsmanship that stretches back to the 1750 ‘s. Here we talk about products with a life span of more than a generation.

Valextra-Cabina Travel Bag

Valextra can best be described as Italy’s answer to Hermès. Sky high quality through and through and just as Hermès is not afraid to take charge of itself.

Perfect bag for a weekend break.

Who said that a weekend bag must be Brown?