The Mobile Site Will Announce: This Year’s Streaming Service

What streaming service delivers the best content and the best experience? Join to kåre year’s best service.

Streamningtjenester wins major foothold with consumers in recent years at the expense of traditional flow-tv and physical Cds, and with broad support for these at the smart phone and tablet, it has become easier than ever before to stream movies, tv channels, tv series and music on the go.

The possibilities are many. It is teeming with streamingstjenester, to say the least, that caters to different audiences with different content and not least at different prices.

Therefore, it is now time to find this year’s streamingstjeneste with Mobile page’s help from the Mobile page’s readers. What streaming service do you think that has done the best and delivered the best content in years? Or what is perhaps the most user-friendly or cheapest? You can now give to know in the vote below as part of the Mobile page’s annual look back at the year that soon is gone.

Apple Music
Apple Music has on record time endorsed by a large readership with the large music catalog and the cheap family subscriptions. Apple Music costs 99 kroner per month and is supported on the Smartphone and the Tablet (Android and iOS), your computer and your Apple TV.

(C) More
With C More gets you a huge catalog of movies and tv series from, among other things. American AMC and HBO as well as C’s own six tv channels for 99 dollars per month. (C) More is both available on computers, tablets and smartphones (Android and iOS) as well as certain television operators.

Deezer offers a free, but limited the music stream as well as a subscription without advertising for 99 dollars per month, which is supported on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, computer and on certain tv.

DR TV and Radio
Danmarks Radio has congestion when it comes to its streaming service, DR TV. On your computer, smart phone, Apple TV, Playstation and smart tv can DRs latest programs absolutely free streaming. DR TV app for Android and iOS also has support for both Chromecast and AirPlay. Also streaming of music can be done both with the Danish Radio and DR Music.

HBO Nordic
With HBO Nordic gives you access to more than 3,500 critically acclaimed HBO episodes on a lot of platforms that counts your computer, smart phone and Tablet (Android and iOS) with Cromecast and AirPlay, Playstation and some smart tv and Apple TV for 79 dollars a month.

My Bio
Nordisk Film is behind my Bio, which is geared toward the younger crowd. My Bio offers 800 different series titles for children and can for 49 crowns a month can be seen on the smart phone (Android, iOS, Kurio) together with Chromecast and AirPlay, as well as certain smart-tv and Playstation.

The biggest player in Denmark and globally, Netflix, offering both movies and tv-series on a multitude of platforms: the smart phone and Tablet (Android, iOS, Windows) with Chromecast support, computer, Blu-ray players as well as some smart-tv and consoles like Playstation and Xbox. The price is 79 dollars a month.

When it comes to streaming music, Spotify with many a hit with more than 30 million. songs and the option of a free, advertising-funded version or a Premium of 99 dollars per month. Spotify is available for your computer, smart phone and Tablet (Android and iOS).

Tdc Play
With a TDC subscription customers will get access to a large music catalog via TDC Play, which works for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Telia TV
Here you get a combined solution consisting of flow-tv with 15 channels, where more can be purchased, as well as 4,000 different films that can be rented for an amount between 9 and 49 dollars. Telia TV runs on the Smartphone and the Tablet as app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, as well as on your computer in the browser. The price is set at 99 dollars per month.

Tv2 Play
If you are into Tv2 ‘s channels and programs, you can also view all these with TV2 Play. On Demand costs $ 59, live channels costs $ 99 and the whole package costs $ 129 a month. TV2 Play can be seen on the smart phone and Tablet (Android and iOS) with Chromecast, computer and some smart-tv.

Tv3 Play
With another model, funded about advertisements, you can make free use of the TV3 Play to view previously sent TV3 programs. Streaming service works on your computer and which app for Smartphone (Android and iOS).

Viaplay is Scandinavia’s largest streaming service and lets you stream tv series, children’s programs, movies and sports, where portions of the content, however, may require tv packages or opt-in channels. For 89 per month you can see the big catalogue on your computer, the smart phone and Tablet (Android and iOS) with Chromecast and AirPlay, Playstation and Xbox, some smart-tv and tv boxes.

The Norwegian musikstreamingtjeneste, WiMP, which is now merged with TIDAL, also offers a large catalog of 99 dollars per month and a special high-fidelity version for 199 dollars a month in the browser on your computer and for iOS and Android.

YouTube has also become a global streaming service, not only in terms of videos and films, but also music. Record companies have turned it into a big business to publish music via YouTube funded exclusively with advertising.