The Mobile Site Will Announce: the Year’s Best Tablet

Tablets are in 2015 come in many guises and sizes, but which is the best?

Tablets are gradually in all imaginable sizes, and manufacturers are trying all the time to differentiate themselves from each other in different ways.

This could be done by adding additional hardware such as a stylus or keypad to increase productivity or by Excel as the thinnest, lightest, or something else.

The possibilities are many with the large screen area, and so it is now with your help that we on the mobile side, kåre best tablet among 14 of the below candidates.

Apple iPad Air 2
Apple’s 2. generation iPad Air includes a Touch ID fingerprint reader in the same thin design as its predecessor and is even easier. It was launched at the end of the year in 2014.

Apple iPad mini 4
In an even smaller, thinner and lighter format offers Apple mini-series of iPads-last with 4. Edition, which has a high screen resolution, the powerful A9 processor and 2 GB of RAM.

Apple iPad Pro
At the other end, Apple launched this year the giant iPad Pro at 12.9 “, which, along with a stylus and a Smart Keyboard, must grapple with, among other things. Microsoft Surface-tablet computers.

ASUS ZenPad S 8.0
The world’s first tablet with 4 GB RAM comes from ASUS and was launched in august. Under the screen on 8 “hides also an Intel Atom processor.

Google Nexus 9
In a collaboration with HTC, Google finally launched in 2014 this Nexus-tablet on 9 “to show the best from the then-new Lollipop-version of Android.

Google Pixel (C)
The sequel to the above is this Pixel (C), which was launched three weeks ago in connection with the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Just as the iPad Pro and Surface-tablet computers can a keyboard be purchased.

Lenovo Yoga Tabl 3 (Pro)
Three months ago lifted the Lenovo unveiled two new tablets: Yoga and Yoga Loss 3 3 Losses that stand out with a built-in projector and a somewhat unique design.

LG G Pad 2 10.1
G Pad 2 10.1 from LG saw the light of day in the month of september and is a tablet with sensible, but not best in class specifications. The new tablet from LG is not yet the country at these latitudes.

Microsoft Surface 3
Microsoft has increased the possibilities for productivity on the go tremendously with Surface-series, and the third generation came to the middle of the year and leads the familiar design and format further.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Fourth generation from Microsoft came shortly after in October, where the hardware got yet another upgrade. The screen resolution was also increased to 12.3 “from 10.8”.

Although NVIDIA Shield is not brand new, the first officially to Denmark came quite late, and it may still be said to stand out from its competitors tremendously. Shield is focused around gaming and is closer to a game controls with a mounted tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab (A)
Earlier this year Samsung launched this new Galaxy Tab A-tablet in two sizes: 8 “and 9.7”, which due to the low price and intermediate specifications have sold brilliantly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
Two S2-tablets from Samsung Galaxy Tab in the middle of the year was launched in the same two sizes of 8 “and 9.7”. With a thickness of only 5.6 mm hears the two tablets among the thinnest.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet
Finally, there is Sony, which also came with a tablet early in the year: Xperia Z4 Tablet, which features a sleek and simple design with the ability to connect a keyboard with corresponding touchpad.