The Group MASMOV! L Acquires Another MVNO, Our, as Follows Slope ADSL and Fiber of Jazztel

Between the virtual mobile operators different divisions according to their size or goals could be done. They are those who have a network (multichannel) own fixed, which belong to a large operator (Tuenti, Lowi, Simyo), the independent general practitioners (Pepephone, MASMOV! L) or those aimed at a very specific audience (Lebara, Lycamobile, our).

And one of those independent operators, MASMOV! L, is immersed in a race by make the jump to the first division, where are Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo. This has made several purchases, what has led him to achieve, according to their own accounts, 400,000 residential customers, which soon will be added to those of our, new acquisition of the Group.

Let’s go by parts, because the yellow operator we just given two news. On the one hand they have presented accounts of the first half, in which boast of numbers. MASMOV! L figure your portfolio of private clients in 400,000 mobile lines at the end of last June, a 35% more than on the same date of last year. Yet its economic figures do not follow the same rhythm, since its profitability has been reduced to half.

From the OMV also include their results on portability. Thanks to the sum of the data of its own brand and Happy mobile (acquired at the Phone House) MASMOV! He has been the Fifth operator that has grown in this way in the first half of the year. Also ensure that in September (which we don’t have yet data) have been third, beating out brands like Lowi and Yoigo.

Fiber, ADSL, and to continue to grow our

To continue along this path of growth MASMOV! L has two open way. On the one hand, still pending approval from Brussels for done with the “remains” of Jazztel, that according to them will come in the next few weeks. Thanks to access to the remaining network of fiber and xDSL operator acquired by Orange, the virtual can set own convergent offer accessible for much of its mobile customers.

But in addition to the jump to own convergence, yellow operator has just announced a new purchase. It’s our, a Chinese population-oriented MVNO currently has 57,000 customers. At the moment MASMOV! L will be made with the 50.01% of the operator in Exchange for 1.25 million euros, although it is expected which is made with 100% within a maximum of five years.

Where can you grow?

With all these moves, it is clear that MASMOV! L continues with its strategy of growing non-stop. The question that haunts us is where it is able to grow a virtual that little more than two years ago barely exceeded 100,000 mobile lines. The union of with Ibercom gave it a larger size, but much of the purchases are being financed with successive enlargements of capital while debt has also soared.

Since the operator have always ensured that its intention is to become the fourth convergent operator in the country, although easy to not have you. Its fiber network, 720,000 households in coverage, is very scarce, and expand it with own funds would have a cost that we believe out of the reach of this operator. We will therefore see if they look for ways to grow a totally necessary network, or if they are getting fatter the company to sell it to the highest bidder.