The 4G of Orange MASMOVIL Clients Will Not Reach Up to End of Year

Yesterday came the long-awaited news. After mediating the CNMC MASMOV! L announced that it had closed a agreement to offer 4 G customers via the Orange network. Were they closed so nearly two years of battle, in which network operators had exclusively the 4 G until it became the first virtual, by the end of 2014.

But missing us by knowing many details of as it will be the arrival of the 4G yellow operator. If there will be changes in SIMs, when actually occur that arrival, news in the offer of the company… Why have led us to MASMOV! L to attempt to resolve all these questions.

Date and change of SIM card

The first question and the most important is when will happen that arrival of the 4G mobile operator customers, since as we have been reminded since the operator already they had until now offer 4 G for companies. That arrival will have to wait quite, until the end of the year, although there is no exact date yet.

The second question would certainly be if current MASMOV customers! L will need to change your SIM card to have 4G, and the answer is a Yes half. There are customers who have a compatible SIM, so it will not be necessary changes, while the rest will be contacted to provide them with a new card that allows them to access the 4G.

An offer by defining

In the announcement that the arrival of the 4 G MASMOV! L also made mention of a possible supply of broadband through this network. On new rates or offers little have been able to know the truth, just be reminded us that they already have a large capacity (10 gigabytes) bonus and that the offer is to be defined, but which the goal will be “the offer the best service at the most competitive price”.

Lastly was the doubt if there would be anything new in what the current offer convergent, making us use of ADSL or fiber of Jazztel, refers. What we learned about this is that the current offer will be maintained, but will be complemented “with an own offer”. At this point we must remember that MASMOV! L is the “leftovers” of Jazztel, pending if closes its purchase by Orange.

Therefore it seems that the arrival of the 4 G in this virtual will pasito go step, having to be the clients of the operator patients to be able to enjoy the latest generation of mobile phone networks. Until you get that 4 G definitely to private customers of MASMOV! Is likely that this network will reach more virtual, so it the offer will be extended for the benefit of users.