Super Vitamin 60 X 1: The New Rate of Vodafone for This Christmas

If yesterday aware that the second part of the Christmas campaign Vodafone would be a new form of 60 × 1, it seems that finally it will soon become a reality.

A few days ago we talked about how Simyo is looking for proposals to launch their “ monthly flat rate ” next year because a fee completely unlimited is not viable but seems that Vodafone has beaten him releasing his own “ rate flat per-call & #8221;.

Continuing with the essence of the 60 × 1 vitamin, Vodafone Launches the rate Super 60 × 1 You can talk up to 60 minutes paying only the first minute (19 cents in contract) or 35 cents in prepaid over the establishment of call (15 cents) all fixed and mobile operators during the 24 hours a day forever.

Therefore, each call It will cost 34 cents/hour contract and prepaid 50 cents/hour but it will have to take into account that the 60 × 1 does not apply to calls of the qtal and a2. In addition this new fare has a monthly fee of 12 euros (without any additional minimum consumption) and it will be limited to a maximum of 800 1000 free minutes each month from which, start pricing without the benefit of 60 × 1.

And if you enable the promotion of 3 cents/minute you talk with Vodafone and fixed by 18 cents/hour up to 28 February. Later, customers with active family account may continue to speak among them by 18 cents/hour to always put the profit if applies to this saving module calls.

Like the rest of vitamins, the Super 60 × 1 is recommended if the average duration of your calls is 2 minutes or more and You can activate free (in prepaid and contract) marking on mobile * 135 * 03 # and the call key from 5 December will be available forever until the 31 January 2009 since which then will no longer placed on the market but it will continue to apply forever to those who already have it activated.

As a difference with similar vitamin 60 x 1 everyone whose benefit of 60 x 1 applies after 18:00, £ 12 fee with the Super 60 x 1 you get 1000 free minutes (400 more than 60 x 1 all) and also the benefit of 60 x 1 applies 24 hours a day.

A severe blow to its two great enemy in the Christmas season as Movistar It will offer something similar but only for a month and Orange doesn’t offer anything like that moment so the advertising war is assured these holidays.

Update: As Christmas promotion, new customers of contract (for new high, portabiliad or migration) they will not pay the monthly fee until January 31. Existing customers and new prepaid if they will have to pay the fee. Clarify that rate has no permanence of any kind by what February 1 may be substituted with any other.