Suop Is Still Completing Its Offer with New Bonds of Voice and Data, as Well as Sales and Improvements

While large operators seem to be focused on giving a closed range of minutes and megabytes to your customers, are virtual operators who are opting for the configurable rate strategy. So we have seen how to offer various bonuses from voice and data can be combined in any way are the main bet of Simyo, MASMOV! L, mobile Republic and Suop among others.

And one of the pioneers in this type of rates, Suop, embarks today on further improvements. On the one hand the operator offering welcomes a new bonus of 250 minutes and one of 300 megs, while also improve various bonds, creating an offer that up to 60 different combinations can be configured.

Each user is a world in this mobile, something that certain virtual have managed to translate into its configurable range. And Suop wants to keep molding your offer more types of consumption profiles, so it has decided to introduce new bonuses and improvements in its offer.

By the side of the voice is launches the MaxiSuop, with 250 minutes per 8.95 euros per month. The BlablaSuop goes from 120 to 150 minutes keeping 5.95 euros while the HablaSuop low 3.5 to 2.95 euros. Therefore the complete supply of bonds’s voice goes from 25 minutes to 250 minutes of the new MaxiSuop the CharlaSuop.

And of course, there are also the voice aspect news. The MiniSuop change their conditions, going from 200 megabytes for two euros to 300 megs by 2.75 euros, While the MegaSuop received a slight improvement, with 50 megs more keeping the price. The MicroSuop (100 megabytes for 0.99 euros), GigaSuop (1.5 gigs by 8.95 euros) and MonsterSuop (three gigabytes for 19.95 euros) remain unchanged.

The bonds are still added to the rates base, with zero cents per minute more 18 cents of establishment, or seven cents per minute without establishment, hence up to 60 available combinations. With this movement Suop has a rates offers complete, although perhaps than that better or cheaper, that’s which offers more variety of reduced bonuses.