So Much the Danes Used the Phone on Christmas Eve

Danes was during Christmas Eve diligent to surf away at the mobile network to wish Merry Christmas. It shows figures from Vodafone, Telenor and 3 the next day.

There is intense activity on the smart phone during Christmas Eve, and it can be felt in three of the nation’s telecommunications companies, Vodafone, Telenor and 3, as the next day in a press release, has released new figures for mobile consumption of the Danes during the Holy day.

It has long been the text message, which has been the Danes’ favourite media, when to be desired Merry Christmas, but in recent years there has been a massive decrease in the number of these. Telia reports so about 4 million. sent SMS messages, while smoke 6.7 million. Text messages and multimedia messages through 281,000 Telenor network. Phone company 3 is located in the middle with 5 million. SMS messages.

The three telecommunications companies also report about periods when consumption reaches its peak. Telia-customers were most often used with SMS-messages Bell 23:05 with 92 messages sent per second, and with Telenor was already between the hours of 10 and 11 in the morning with 158 messages per second. The same image is seen in 3, where every second was sent 120 messages between the hours of 11 and 12.

The millions of text messages can immediately sound like much, but it is nothing compared to what the Danes could perform for 8 years ago. In 2007 on Telia’s network sent no less than 18.8 million. Pack. Telecommunications company Sonofon, which from 2000-2003 was taken over by and later merged with Telenor, stood for the entire 11.9 mio. SMS messages the same day in 2007.

Millions of megabytes of data used

It is, however, on data network that the Danes would each other Merry Christmas and share the photos of this year’s Christmas tree on Facebook. No less than 139.9 million. MB data used Telia’s customers yesterday, while Telenor-your customers is right on the heels of 130 million. MB of data. However, it is 3, which-with its large data subscriptions and data-hungry customers-topper with 146 million. MB of cellular data, which ranks to a record.

With Telia began data consumption to rise steadily from 11 o’clock, where there was a good time in the network, rather till 17. The same could be seen with Telenor where data usage peakede between the hours of 14 and 15. 3-However, went first to the customers at midnight and up to 1 o’clock at night, which alone was surfed for the equivalent of 6 million. MB of data.

“Christmas Eve is a tradition to send a Christmas greeting to friends and family, and therefore we see a high traffic of SMS messages and picture messages that day. But at the same time, we can look at the data traffic that it is becoming more and more popular to use social media like Instagram and Facebook to either send a Christmas message directly to a holding of, or make use of the media to wish Merry Christmas to his entire network, “ said commercial Director of Telenor, Lars T.