SMS MoviStar by 3 Cents on Promotion from The Third Journal

Movistar timidly start with their summer promotions and launches a first promotion to more intensive users of SMS short messages.

Particular contract and prepaid card customers may activate the promotion SMS3 that will allow them to send messages to Movistar by 3 cents/SMS Although we must read the small print because it is low since only 3 cents SMS apply to mobile Movistar, only from the third daily to other Movistar SMS and are also limited to a maximum of 30 SMS per day.

Registration in the promotion is free but has a monthly fee of 1 euro by billing cycle until the end of the promotion which will be September 1.

To activate the promotion SMS3 can do so by sending a free SMS with the word TO the 224464 or by calling the 4464 at a cost of 20 cents call.

Send SMS by 3 cents means a discount on the standard rate (15 cents) of 80% by what the same discount be applied to the SMS sent to like my favorite modules.

Are there more complicated ways of presenting a promotion? I think that the SMS3 would have more success if the monthly do 3 euros? and would send 30 SMS per day for 3 cents from the beginning … this type of promotions seem to be more targeted to the attendant that the own customer since sending messages of a practically free service for the operator increases.