Simyo Will Sell The Sony Ericsson W380i Free 129 EUR

Starting tomorrow, Simyo will sell on their website the Sony Ericsson w380i by 129 euros, free and uncompromising of permanence. It is a shell-type mobile with music player (expandable card M2) and 1.3 megapixel camera. It also includes 20 euros of balance if you buy high new or 30 if portability, both contract and prepaid. We hope that this time the sale is more transparent with the W200i, whose actual price is 59 euros but that figure on the web, and until the last step of the purchase, to 39 euros.

Orange also offers this phone in your product 40 mobile by Orange, Although in this case anchored to your network and with 18 months of tenure, for 9 euros (or 0 euros if portability of value, with minimum consumption).

On this occasion, to try to draw attention, they have announced that the 100 first customers will take is an acre on the Moon, something like a title to a parcel of our satellite. And it is that although Simyo subsidizes not mobile, and unprecedented gifts and price promotions, lately they are moving much towards the terminals…

Update: On the official blog of Simyo, they say that cost will 159 euros. A mistake yours or again confuse us with false prices that go up suddenly?