Simyo Subsidizes The Release of Your Terminal

Here we emancipamos mobile, enters and yours free. Simyo, my own mobile phone.

This above is the legend that we can find in the shops that have played host to Simyo grant to help us unlock our mobile phone and switch us to your company without excuses. We remind you that Simyo It is a company which bets on the free terminal. In fact, the only ones that sell in your online store do it that way, so we don’t have any time tie with our operator, as if with the other companies by receiving a terminal with a special price.

Simyo Finally he has presented this morning the specific data of your campaign that you already anticipate xatakamovil help us unlock our phones.

In establishments which have acceded to the plan of Simyo, which will appear tomorrow on the website emancipatumovil, the user will receive a promotional code which will pay 1 euro for the simyo SIM card and receive 10 euros with a new number, or 20 euros if we do a portability. Therefore we do not receive the subsidy directly but only in the case that we should move to Simyo, but remember that they have no permanence. In the case of making a portability, we are subsidizing the release with 20-1 = 19 euros. Prices of releases tend to be between 5 and 60 euros, depending on the terminal.

And as happened with the agreement with eBay, if we release the phone in one of these centers, we can welcome us at the rate of 0 euros/min between simyo users, paying only the call set-up, but yes, only when the call lasts less than 10 minutes.