Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Be More Expensive and Get Iris Scanners

Samsung shoots prize at the upcoming Galaxy S7 in weather compared to Galaxy S6, sounds a rumor-but a special feature will be in turn a part of the package.

With a suggested price of $ 5,499 and upwards at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 was not exactly cheap, but it does not appear to be borne by the South Korean major manufacturer from the hive award even a notch in the weather by the sequel.

A Polish Android news site feel to know that the upcoming Galaxy S7 as well as the entire product series consisting of Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7 Plus and Galaxy S7 edge Plus will be even more expensive to acquire when they are launched- probably starting in February.

The higher price tag is, however, not entirely without reason. Same website writes, in fact, that there will be added a so-called iris-scans. The scans, as the name indicates, your iris-also known as Rainbow cornea in the eyes. The purpose of such is to use it as an alternative to a fingerprint reader, since each person’s irisser is unique.

The idea is that the places where a fingerprint reader today can be used with a Samsung smartphone, an iris scanners could also be used. Instead of keeping your finger on the Home tab, for example, to make a purchase with the Samsung Pay, you can simply look at the phone as you normally do.

An iris scanner, however, is not unprecedented in smartphones. Microsoft already makes use of such in the last two top models, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, where Windows 10 Mobile operating system is optimized to make use of the scanner to unlock the screen up.

If it means a departure from the existing fingerprint reader in Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones, or whether the two biometric identification methods will accompany each other, not yet known. It appears neither in any way of the site where the information specifically comes from. Rumor of an iris-scans in Samsung Galaxy S7 was, however, already aired two weeks ago.