Pepephone Updates Its Rates in Response to The Demand for More Gigs

Since the arrival of the new rates of Pepephone along with the premiere of Movistar coverage in December, nothing had changed in the offer while competition, albeit at a slower pace that in previous years, has followed adapting rates to new needs as the recent news of Amena or MÁSMOVIL, in both cases with more gigs and more cheap as well as the news that today brings Pepephone.

While four years ago that we have the first 1 GB at affordable rates, not so long ago that operators began to focus on the 2 GB but data demand continues to boom and this season seems to be the star of 3 GB onwards as the new step that slipped between the rates of Pepephone reinforcing the ranking of rates it with more gigs to navigate.

Is new bonus of 3 GB enough?

Thus, rate 0 rat cents the minute will be now with a new modality of 3 GB by 15.90 euro, welcomed if we consider that the only choice if you exceed your rate data is to pay the mega extra 3.6 cents and the next step it was on 5 GB for 29 euros. In addition, the 3 GB will also come to the rate finite giraffe, which triples the gigabytes for free, and maintains the bond of 1,001 minutes 30.25 euros, the alternative to the rates with unlimited minutes of traditional operators.

Improvements are always welcome for a MVNO it has advantages such as access to the network 4g Movistar or the good reputation in its relationship with the customer but whose new fee of 3 GB for 16 euros can compete in price with Lowi and Eroski under Vodafone coverage but not with MÁSMOVIL offering 4 GB under cover Orange for the same price, Oceans that adds 300 minutes by two more euros or Yoigo that you have 100 minutes and 5 GB for 19 euros

In the case of the thousand minutes and 3 GB, the main rival for price returns to find under cover Orange in the hands of Amena with its 7 GB for 5 euros less but also with Yoigo coverage with its 8 GB 1 euro less than Pepephone. Under Vodafone cover practically back to match the price and conditions, Eroski and Hits Mobile.

At the moment, in Pepephone still leans in lack the flexibility of other MVNOs to create rates with different bonds of minutes to avoid having to pay call set-up or extra data bonds that not you criminalise both excess consumption of megabytes or even reduce speed so that the customer can choose. You think are necessary new bonds in the offer of Pepephone or cover sufficiently the needs in the field of the OMVs which competes?

Complete offer details rates Pepephone

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