Pepeenergy Light The 30th Will Be with Electricity at Cost More a Euro and Unemployment Insurance

More than one year it takes talking about new business that wanted to get Pepephone, energy. It was in December of 2013 when the director general of the OMV, Pedro Serrahima, claimed to be working to create a marketer of electricity, after having ruled out entering the banking sector.

They began to date. First they were March and October last year, but after the mess of coverage of the virtual Exchange deadlines were delayed. Finally, at the beginning of this summer we saw Pepeenergy was already giving the last steps to be implemented, and today since we know they confirm that the new business of moles commercially will start next Wednesday.

Pepeenergy seems that it will continue to the simplicity of its sister phone. The price of electricity will be that simply has to pay the company for access to it more a euro. Thus, it seems that there will be savings from other electric, although we understand that the price may change month to month, depending on the results of auctions attended these companies.

0.25 euros a month for unemployment insurance

At the cost of more euro must add also 0.25 euros by an insurance that all customers of Pepeenergy subscribe with Legálitas. This ensures that if being indefinite contractual workers are unemployed, they will have one year of free electricity, with a maximum of three households by client and 90 euros from invoice. This insurance also apply to freelancers who caught a low.

Energy will have green origins, to be supplied by a company that only uses renewable source. Initially Pepeenergy It will only be open to customers of the virtual, to avoid a possible flood of customers, forcing the company to have to present strong guarantees.

With all this, and personally knowing in part this sector, Pepeenergy seems to have a clear and simple bet. Data from the cost price will always be public, while What can scare me is that variable cost, a few months may be other high and low. Yet already will be a few customers of the virtual are waiting impatiently to request the change of electrical.